Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pakistan Army Bombards Kalat Civilians

Early Monday Morning, residents in occupied areas of Balochistan witnessed dozens of Cobra Gunship Helicopters, military vehicles, and Fighter Jets converging on the mountainous Parudh district in the Kalat region.  Pakistani Spec Ops Commandos attempted to surround a Baloch Liberation Army camp.  A fierce battle against the encamped BLA forces ensued.  Despite intense bombardment, and a fierce firefight, only 3 Sarmachar embraced Martyrdom before the BLA Forces repulsed the Pakistani Commandos.

According to a report released by BLA representatives, Prominent BLA Commander Pullain Shaheed Sangat Ameer-Ul-Malik, alongside Martyr Gazzen Baloch and Martyr Shera Baloch broke through enemy ranks and inflicted heavy losses upon the Pakistan Army before they embraced Martyrdom.  At least 10 Pakistani Commandos were killed and 1 Gunship Helicopter was shot down during the Battle of Parodh.

After their defeat at the Battle of Parodh, Pakistani Forces exacted their revenge upon the civilian inhabitants of Nemargh, Shoor, Nushki, Suraab districts and several other rural areas in the Kalat region.  To conceal their crushing defeat at the hands of the BLA, Pakistan Frontier Corps heavily bombarded the rural Baloch villages with mortars and gunship helicopters.  At least 30 local Baloch civilians were massacred during the attack, and another 24 abducted. 
Numerous women and children were killed during the onslaught, among them; 8 year old Safullah Baloch s/o Jan Muhammad Baloch, 5 year old Nisar Gul, and two children of Baloch Political Activist Najeeb Baloch.  6 year old Bibi Nasra and 25 year old Jan Muhammad were among the countless injured residents.  

More than 20 homes were reduced to smoldering ruins during the indiscriminate bombing of the region.  Among the houses destroyed were the homes of Mohmmad Ali s/o Mohmmad Khan Saasoli, Faqeer Mohmmad s/o Saleh Mohmmad Saasoli, Manda Khan s/o Sabzo Saasoli, Daadsha s/o Jaam Saasoli, Sher Mohmmad s/o Meer Taur Khan Saasoli.

In an interview with BBC Urdu, Baloch nationalist Leader Hyarbyair Marri condemned the killing of unarmed innocent civilians and the brutal military operation in Kalat, stating; “Pakistani Military have tortured and beaten Women & Children.  Security Forces claimed to have killed Baloch Separatists, but Army Forces spread only lies, the 30 people killed were totally unarmed local civilians.”  Hyarbyair Marri explained that the Baloch Nation’s willingness to engage in serious talks, but their agenda is nothing less than absolute freedom for Balochistan.  Hyarbyair Marri expressed concerns regarding the relevance of negotiation with a government who is admittedly powerless over their own military forces.  In a statement regarding the mandate of Baloch Liberation Forces, Hyarbyair Marri said “If Pakistan army and security forces, jet and tanks withdraw from Balochistan, the international community intervenes and the Baloch people have the power then the world will know that Baloch want only independence.”

To Protest the Pakistani Armed Forces massacre in Kalat, the entire Baloch nation observed a province wide shutter-down strike on April 8th.  According to local sources, Kharan, Turbat, Hoshab, Awaran, Mashkai, Panjgur, Buleda, Tump, Mand, Pasani, Gwadar, and many other Balochistan towns were completely shut down by striking workers & businesses.  Calls to strike were promoted by Baloch National Movement and Baloch Student Organization, and supported by Baloch Republican Party & Baloch Youth Wing

The rural communities of Monjro, Reko & Lijje Tok were invaded & occupied by State Forces on April 8th.  Local homes were looted of valuables, and set ablaze.  Local livestock is slaughtered, and residents are being detained and subjected to acts of torture.  Pakistani Armed Forces have since cordoned off the entire area.  Injured residents are trapped without medical care & unable to leave to seek medical attention at regional hospitals.

On April 9th Pakistani Forces abducted 13 Baloch citizens while conducting military operations in the various districts of the Nasirabad region and In Windar, Balochistan, Paind Khan Marri & Ghulam Din Marri were abducted by Pakistani Agents.  On Wednesday unidentified gunmen killed one and injured two others in Mach, while in Turbat an unidentified body was found dumped in the region.  In Sindh Province, Security Forces raided the home of JSMM Leader Shabir Mallah, killing his livestock and subjecting the women & children of his family to acts of torture.  On April 10th the remains of Abdul Samad was found in Suraab, and in Killi Sama, Quetta, the remains of Amanullah Baloch were also recovered today.

Since late last week Pakistan Army Forces have forcefully occupied the entire Mashkai region, and established a massive Army Fortress. Mashkai residents’ reported that Pakistani Soldiers set up fortified Army Camps in the regional schools, converting the classrooms to detention centers & torture cells.  Local sources have revealed that Pakistani Forces in the Mashkai region have been conducting relentless military operations throughout the week.  At least 8 Local homes have been looted & burned this week.  Inhabitants are detained & tortured, and their livestock is slaughtered by the occupational State Forces.

To protest the military occupation of the Mashkai Girls High School, a large number of Baloch girls and women held a rally.  Participants marched throughout the region and sat for several hours chanting slogans at the regional Girls High School. 
One of the local demonstrators stated that “the pakistani army have made camp in our Schools, which is destroying our upcoming generation’s lives. One side our kids have been massacred by earthquake and other side several people have been dead and injured by army firing. A 10 years old child who’s belonged to Nokoji and resident of Waleed his family killed and injured. People have insecurity about Army’s presence in the region which forced thousands of family to move, they are living different areas of Balochistan without any Government relief.”  

Although Mashkai schools remained open, the local teachers & students are reluctant to return to classes, fearing the heavily armed Pakistani soldiers encamped within their schools. These intimidation tactics seem little more than a deliberate attempt by the occupational state to deprive Baloch residents of education and facilitate the oppression of the entire Baloch nation.

Bugti Colony, Zafar Colony and other districts in Sui were attacked by State Forces On April 6th. During the attack, Pakistani Forces abducted Husaain Bugti & his brother Hassan Bugti. Local homes were invaded by soldiers; looted of livestock, valuables, and even their vehicles. The inhabitants, including women & children, were interrogated and subjected to acts of torture.

Pakistan Armed Forces continued their relentless assault in Panjgur throughout the weekend, raiding local homes and abducting the inhabitants. Victim’s homes are looted of valuables & livestock and the residents are detained, interrogated and subjected to acts of torture. 
One such abductee has reported that during his detention & interrogation, Pakistani Agents presented a list of 700 names of local Baloch residents slated for abduction. Among those listed was his brother’s name. The anonymous detainee was cleared of any involvement in freedom movements or nationalist activism and released soon thereafter. Occupational State Forces abducted Martyr Abid Saleem Baloch’s father from his home on Friday, and the next day local shopkeep Sher Jan s/o Haji Amjed was also abducted during the attacks

Representatives from Countries around the world will be attending Norway’s Annual Conference “The Oslo Freedom Forum” on May 12th until May 14th. The Baloch Republican Party will be attending the conference to expose the severe ongoing Human Rights Violations in Balochistan.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons announced the conclusion of demonstrations in Karachi last Sunday. VBMP representatives will be relocating their protest camp to Quetta to continue their campaign to create awareness of the 20,000 Baloch citizens abducted by State Forces

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