Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baloch Independance Day and Black Day Protests Spark Violent Response from Pakistan Forces

Balochwarna News - Death of Innocence in Lyari
Express Tribune - Karachi mourns victims of Lyari stadium bomb explosion
On August 7th a Bomb Blast in Mastung killed two and injured six others.  Later the same day another bomb blast in Karachi killed 11 Baloch Children and wounded dozens during a football game at Lyari.  Eyewitnesses report emergency workers and police services took nearly an hour before arriving at the scene.

Sangar Publications - Pakistan Death Squads bring Brutal Violence
On Tuesday August 6th, the Mutilated body of Mohammed Aslam Baloch was found in Kech. Wednesday The bullet-riddled body of Kachkol Gohar was found in Shapuk Turbat, and another body identified as Abdul Hameed Baloch was found in Dasht, Quetta.
Thursday August 8th Pakistan Armed Forces conducted operations in Awaran Abducting at least 8 Baloch civilians.  Witnesses report Pakistani State Agents Tortured the Women and Children while Looting valuables from the homes of Baloch.  The next day Protesters demanded the release of the abducted citizens in front of the Deputy Commissioner office and FC Camp in Arawan.

Balochwarna News - ..Relatives of Abducted Baloch Identify the Bodies of their Loved Ones
As the Proud Baloch people celebrated their Independance day on August 11th the bodies of three Baloch civilians were recovered in the Mach area of Balochistan.  A day earlier The Pakistan military reported killing six "armed militants" in the Bolan area, but two of the recovered bodies were later identified as Sawal Khan son of Ahmed Khan Marri and Rahmat son of Ahmed Khan Marri.  Sawal and Rahmat were both abducted five months earlier by Pakistan state agents near the Sindh border.  The third recovered body was identified as Bijjar Marri son of Ali Baksh.  Bijjar was also abducted by Pakistan forces, alongside Khudad Khan Marri in June of this year.  Khudad Khan Marri was found dead two days after the abduction.  Dozens of Baloch civilians were wounded in Saturdays attack, and more than thirty abductions were reported.

Monday August 12th Pakistan State Agents engaged in a campaign of mass abductions following the Baloch Independance Day.  In Bolan and Quetta more than twenty people were abducted from different areas.  Reports of Pakistan Security Forces indiscrimintate firing in New Kahan, Quetta, left several injured.

Balochwarna News - Two senior Baloch leaders killed as Ban Ki-moon visits Pakistan
TheNation - Two political workers killed in Kech
Baluch Sarmachar - Pakistani army killed two prominent Baloch political activists
Sangar Publications - Heavy artillery used in illegal raid
Early Wednesday morning The Pakistan Forces surrounded several homes in Kech, Turbat including the home of senior BNM leader Imdad Baloch.  The family residence was besieged with heavy weapons for two hours killing Imdad Baloch and BSO-Azad General Secretary Jahangir Baloch. Imdad's elderly father was also tortured and left severely injured.
During the subsequent funeral for Martyr Imdad Baloch, Pakistani Armed Forces attacked the mourners and abducted 7 people.  Ahmed Ibrahim, Mahirullah, Rashid Suleman, Rahemat Yar Mohmmad, Hyider Hasil, Barkat Dad and Faisal Ghani were abducted during the funeral.
Baloch National Front leader Dr Manan Baloch announced three-day shutter-down and wheel-jam strike across Balochistan against the killing of innocent political workers.

Afghan Voice - Baloch protesting in different countries
Balochwarna News - Protest rally on Eid Day for recovery of abducted Baloch
Baloch Youth Wing - Peaceful Protests in Turbat turn Violent
Baluch Sarmachar - Balochistan Independence Day observed in London
As UN General Secretary Ban-Ki Moon visits Pakistan, Baloch all across the region have taken to the streets in protest, urging the UN to take notice of the ongoing genocide in Balochistan.  On the day of Eid the protest in Turbat was attacked by Pakistan State Forces.  Many protesters were beaten and abducted during the raid.
The Baluch Republican Party announces a complete shutter-down and wheel-jam strike all over Balochistan on seventh martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed-e-Azam Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti on August 26, 2013.
Another event is planned on the 26th of August 2013 in London on 7th anniversary of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. The event will be held at University College London, Gower street, WC1E 6BT on Aug 25. Time: 2 PM to 6 PM. Nearest station in Euston Square.

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