Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Abductions Continue as Flash Floods displace over 20,000 Baloch

Flash Floods caused by Torrential Rains have swept across Balochistan over the past three days.  17 People have been Killed, and more than 20,000 displaced by the flooding in the province of Balochistan.  In other regions of Pakistan another 43 deaths have been attributed to the flooding.  In the Jhai Magsi region, one of the hardest hit areas, over 27 villages have been Swept Away.  In early 2011 similar floods caused Massive Devastation throughout Balochistan, killing 3 and Displacing over 166,000, whom, according to UNHCR reports, remain Homeless to this day.

July 30th in Noshki, Shabir Baloch was abducted by Pakistani security forces.  In Malir Jam Got area of Karachi, Sindh, 2 bullet riddled bodies were recovered.  
The next day in Panjgoor several civilians were abducted.   In Quetta, medical college professor Dr. M. Ahmad was abducted on airport rd.   
Also on Wednesday, in Kalat, Suhrab mengal, Murad Mengal & Qadir Mengal were abducted by Pakistani agents.  
On Thursday August 1st, Mulla Hafiz Zekri was killed by a gunman in Turbat.  Unidentified gunmen also shot & killed one person on Double rd. In Quetta.  In Kohlu, Abdullah Khan marri was abducted by Pakistan ISI agents.  
On Friday in Jaffarabad a yet unidentified body was found in the Dera Allay Yar area.  In Tump Ali Ahmad s/o Taj Mohd was killed when fired upon by militants.  In Khuzdar two brothers were injured by gunfire. 
Former BSO (azaad) member Zafar Samulani was abducted on Saturday from Nushki.  His bullet riddled body was recovered the next day in Dera Allah Yar.
On August 5th the mutilated body of Mohd Aslam Baloch was recovered in the Kech area of Turbat.  Pakistan State Agents abducted Ghulam Husain .  
Also on Monday a teacher in Noshki was fired upon and wounded.

The Baloch National Voice and Baloch Republican Party have called upon the Baloch Nation to celebrate August 11th as Balochistan Independence Day.  The BNV commemorates the renewed commitment to continue the struggle for independence.  Baloch people are called upon to display the Baloch flag in their homes, cars, and offices on August 11th to show their support for an independent Balochistan.
Balochwarna News - 14 August to be observed as a Black Day in Balochistan
Baloch Youth Wing - BYW will support call from BRP to strike
August 14th has been declared as a “black day” for Balochistan.   The BNV has termed as “a day to express their dislike for slavery and occupation.”  BRP also announced August 14 as a Black day in all of Balochistan and internationally to condemn the illegal Pakistani occupation of Balochistan.   BRP activists are encouraged to hold references, Quran Khwani (Holy Quran recitation) and distribute food in memory of Shaheed-e-Azam Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti on his martyrdom anniversary of August 26th.  BNF supported by BRP, BYW, as well as other Free-Balochistan parties, encourage all freedom loving Baloch to join a "shutter down wheel jam" province wide strike on the August "14th Black Day".

On July 29th, While Pakistan military is flexing its muscle in Balochistan, 70 Taliban Militants Bombed and Stormed a Dera Ismail Khan Prison, in the neighboring Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province.  During the attack Taliban Militants killed six guards, Executed six Shiite inmates, and released 250+ prisoners.  Although a handful of Pakistani security forces “engaged the attackers” none of the Taliban Militants were killed and they all Escaped unscathed along with the Prisoners into Waziristan.  Many of the escaped prisoners are reported to be Dangerous members of the banned LEJ Terrorist group.  
The prison officials have admitted they were forewarned of the impending attack, and even held a conference, yet made No Preparations.  Reports indicate that several Bombs were detonated along the walls, and the gates attacked with RPGs.  With the 400,000+ soldiers stationed in neighboring Balochistan, its inconceivable how such an attack could have succeeded without State Compliance.
After the 2012 Taliban attack at the Bannu Prison, the Pakistan government allotted an additional Rs350 Million to Prison security in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa regions.  Rs120 million were spent on procurement of technological security devices such as walkthrough gates, explosive scanners and closed circuit cameras.  Somehow armed with both the knowledge of an impending attack and a wealth of modern security equipment, the Taliban militants were able to plant explosives along the walls and invade the prison with minimal opposition.   Two days prior to the attack, officials conducted searches of the prison & seized 60 cell phones.  Mr Abbas, who is also the superintendent of Peshawar central prison, confirmed in an interview on the 26th that “banned items couldn't reach Prisoners without the Support of Insiders.”

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