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Superficial "Task Force" Delays Arrests of ISI Criminals in Balochistan

The International News - The matter of the missing people
The International News - Merely forming task force on missing persons not enough: CJ
A Three-Member bench headed by the Chief Justice instructed the Pakistan Federal government to come up with a comprehensive and efficacious policy within 10 days on how it plans to recover the missing persons.
Earlier this year the Pakistani court appointed CIED (Commission for Investigation of Enforced Disappearances) investigated the matter of abductions and missing persons in Balochistan.  The CIED returned a report to the Pakistan courts indicating military and ISI involvement in the abductions of Baloch citizens.  The CIED report called upon the Pakistan courts to issue immediate warrants for the arrests of many Pakistani military personnel.

The Daily Times - Federal govt orders action against second ISI brigadier
Pak Tribune - Federal govt orders action against second ISI brigadier
The Pakistani courts issued Arrest Warrants against ISI Brigadier Sadique for his involvement in the 2001 Abduction and Murder of Ali Ahmad Bangalzai, and another unnamed ISI Brigadier involved in the abduction of Amna Masood Janjua's husband.  Although Punjab Police have received the warrants for the arrests of the 2 ISI Brigadiers, they were instructed Not to Execute the Warrants as it was a "matter of Respect for the Institution." as though it was now the Jurisdiction of the "Task Force".

Balochistan Point - Task force on missing persons
Failing to act against any offending Military Officers, despite demands from the Apex Courts.  The Pakistani federal government has constituted a 19-member "Task Force" headed by Tariq Lodhi, who is currently serving as the Additional Interior Secretary.  The members of the "Task Force" are none other than Officers of the same Military Agencies who were directly Incriminated in cases of Baloch Abductions.

BYGWAAH - VBMP rejects govt task force on missing persons
Balochwarna News - Voice for Baloch Missing Persons rejects the government task force
Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Chairman Nasarullah Baloch has rejected the government "task force".  At a press conference Chairman Nasarullah Baloch stated the "task-force" was little more than a tactic to delay action against Pakistani forces and ISI agents.  He added that "if lawyers, human rights activists and journalists had been included in the task force, they would have placed more trust in it."

Daily Times - Army makes no major gains in Dera Bugti
Balochwarna - government has agreed to launch a fresh military operation in Balochistan
Amidst the delays and deceptions, the Pakistan government has deployed another 100,000 soldiers into Balochistan.  Of the 700,000 soldiers in the Pakistan army, 2/3 of them were already deployed in Balochistan.  With the addition of 100,000 soldiers, nearly half of Pakistan's armed forces will be occupying Balochistan.  Because of the Pakistani occupation, there are now less than 250,000 Bugti tribe Baloch living in the Dera Bugti regions of Balochistan.
With the additional manpower, Pakistani forces have stepped up their attacks on Baloch Civilian Villages and Homes. Over the past week more than 50 Baloch have been Abducted in the regions Attacked by Pakistani Military Forces.  Even the Women and Children were taken by Pakistan Agents.

Dunya News - Bodies of three missing persons found in Dera Bugti
BalochWarna News - Baloch IDPs attacked in Gotkki district Sindh, several abducted: BRP
The Nation - Levies personnel among two killed
Pakistan Today - 2 killed in Balochistan violence

On July 22nd in Sangsela area of Dera Bugti, 3 dead bodies were found.  Two of the victims have been identified as Abdul Ghafar and Khawand Bakhsh.  They were Kidnapped a few days earlier from Dera Murad Jamali.  In Mangchur, Quetta, 2 Baloch civilians were Abducted by Pakistani agents.  Elsewhere in Quetta, on Sunday night, Pakistani agents conducted a raid Abducting 28 Baloch Civilians.

July 23rd Pakistani Forces Attacked the Khanpur area of Ghotki.  The home of Wader Hasil Khan Bugti was Looted of valuable cash and livestock.  His Elderly mother Hani bibi, wife Murad Khatoon, and Infant Son were Abducted by state agents.  The homes of several other Bugti IDP's were Looted during the Attack.  Dozens of Men, Women and Children were Abducted in the area. Also on Tuesday, In Noshki, Mir Sadiq Jamaldini was Abducted by Pakistani Forces.

Wednesday July 24th an unidentified disfigured body was recovered in Gaddani Balochistan.  In Surab on the same day, during an attack, 1 man was killed and another injured.  Two days later, on the 26th, in the same area Pakistani agents abducted Hafeez Baloch.

Thursday In Quetta Pakistani security personnel stopped a Bus on Saryab road.  The passengers were Forcibly removed and Beaten.  Several passengers were Severely Injured.  Saturday a student was accosted nearby.  Pakistani agents reportedly Tortured the Young Baloch student and took his mobile phone.  A yet unidentified dead body was also found in the Saryab rd. area on the 27th.

In Malant Tump on Saturday the 27th, Pakistani forces abducted Naeem Baloch s/o Gul Beg.  In the Barkhan 18 persons were abducted during raids on civilian homes.  15 Buzdar Baloch were abducted from the Tang Karer and 3 Khetran Baloch from Daman Banghao area.
Pakistani forces also conducted attacks on Baloch homes in Kalat this weekend. After abducting Gulam and his father on Saturday, the Pakistan FC attacked the home of Rahim Shah.  Rahim was injured in the attack.  His son Farooq Shan hand relative Naseer Shah were abducted. Frontier Corps later abducted 3 Sumalani Baloch from the same region.
Last night in Besima, Panjgoor, Abdul Qayyum Baloch was abducted by Pakistan agents.
Today, in Quetta, Akram Sipad  has been abducted by Pakistani army from Quetta. - Strike observed on BNF call
On July 26th Turbat, Tump, Mand, Panjgour, Nushki, Kalat, Mastung and other towns in Balochistan were completely shut down by strikes.  BNF, BNM and BSO Azaad, supported by BRP and BYW called for "Shutter Down" strikes across the province in protest of the ongoing enforced disappearances perpetrated by the occupational Pakistani state agencies.

The Guardian - Pakistan’s Crimes Against Humanity In Balochistan
In an Open Letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon from the Baloch Social Media Activists (BSMA), the association of Baloch social media campaigners across the world representing the collective voice of Baloch nation gagged by Pakistan, urges the United Nations Human Rights Council to intervene in Balochistan crisis and stop Pakistan occupying forces from committing further Baloch genocide.  The letter outlines the ongoing Human Rights Crisis in Balochistan, as well as pointing out the Hypocrisy and Insincerity of Pakistan's efforts to end the policy of Enforced Disappearances and Extrajudicial Killings.

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