Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baloch Students Targeted in Quetta by LEJ while Pakistani Forces continue "Loot and Burn" in Mastung

The Express Tribune - Quetta violence: Bomb attack on bus kills five students
Dawn.com - Quetta Hazara town bombing: Victims buried under strict security
An LEJ attack on a bus in Quetta on Monday July 1st killed 5 and wounded over 70 Hazara students.  Last Thurdsay in the  Killi Haji Taj Sariab area of the capital a teacher was shot.  On June 15th LEJ attacked a busload of female Baloch university students.  As with other recent terrorist attacks, the LEJ seems to choose targets which conveniently coincide with the Pakistani agenda in Balochistan.  The education of the Baloch people has always been intentionally neglected as a means of control.  Pakistani occupational forces rely on fear to control the Baloch people.  Fear is overcome through knowledge, therefore to maintain their method of control, the Baloch people have been denied their most basic right to education.

Balochwarna News - Pakistani security forces abducted more than 30 persons
The Express Tribune - Quetta unrest: Three handcuffed bodies found
On June 28th Pakistani Armed Forces conducted Loot and Burn operations in the Ispiling region of Mastung.  During the assault 30 people were abducted by the Pakistani forces.  In Awaran, Master Gullam Baloch, Nadeen Baloch and Yaseen Baloch were abducted by Pakistani agencies. The next day Pakistani forces conducted similar operations in Kohistan Marri, Burning and Looting homes of Baloch civilians.  Four people were abducted during the assault in Kohistan.  In Satellite town, Quetta, Three Bullet Riddled bodies were found handcuffed on Saturday June 29th
Balochwarna News - Recovered Body in Jaffarabad has been recognised as Khoda Dad Marri
Baluch Sarmachar - Mutilated body of a Baloch youth found from Dera Allah Yar
On July 1st in Dera Allah Yar area of Jaffarabad district, the tortured body of recent abductee Abdulla Khoda Dad Marri son of Bahadur Khan was recovered.  Khoda (along with Bijjar Marri) was removed from a bus near Rabi by Pakistani military and ISI agents on June 24th 2013.

Balochwarna News - Baloch women protesters urged the International Community to Help
BYGWAAH - Enforced disappearances on rise in Balochistan
Balochwarna News- 320 abducted and 80 killed in last six months
28 June 2013 - Baloch Republican Student Organization Organized a protest in Front of Quetta Press Club Qetta Balochistan ,
On June 30th the women of Baloch National Movement staged protests outside the Quetta press club.
The Express Tribune - Hazara town blasts: MWM marches in Karachi against attacks
In Karahci Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) held a rally on Monday in the wake of the recent Hazara bombing in Quetta.  The protestors condemned the Pakistani cooperation and support of the Taliban and other extremist groups in Balochistan.
Balochwarna News - Seminar on Human Rights violation in Balochistan
In Sweden the BRP-Sweden held a seminar detailing the ongoing Human Rights Crisis in Balochistan.  The BRP called upon the international community, human rights groups and international institutions of justice to "Take immediate action on human rights abuses and war crimes of Pakistani forces in Balochistan and play their role to end them."

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