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The Pakistani Seige of Sui Intensifies, as well as the Oppression of Education in Balochistan

BalochWarna News - Pakistan is violating international laws and UN conventions
BaluchSarmachar - The barbarity of perpetrators’ justice — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur
The Express Tribune - Foreign interference seen as source of Balochistan ills
One who blames others for all their problems usually does so to hide his own shortcomings and failures.  Not only in Balochistan, but in Sindh and Kashmir regions, Pakistan maintains a strict policy of violence and oppression.  Its shocking to see a UN member state blatantly violate countless international laws upon which their member status is supposed to depend.  By allowing Pakistan to retain their status as UN member state without any consequence for the obvious and ongoing violations of international laws, the UN implies that international law will not be enforced and are therefore has no real bearing on any UN member state.  To put it simply, the refusal to uphold international law in Pakistan will result in other UN member states following Pakistan's example of barbarism and terrorism.

July 10th, The first day of the 2013 Ramadan.  Pakistani forces deliver three terrible presents.  The first in Dasht near Shaal, Mastung, the body of a young man tortured and shot beyond recognition.  A  Short time later in Raees-Got Hub two more bullet riddled bodies are found.

Yesterday in Quetta Pakistani Forces further targeted Baloch education in an attack on Degree College.  According to reports, one Baloch student was killed, many more wounded, and several abducted.  Earlier in the day at Mezan Chowk another abduction was reported, and at Saariab road a Hindu trader was shot & killed.  On Monday gunmen killed one and injured another at Akhtarabad.  In Hub another bullet riddled body was recovered.

BalochWarna News - Kill and dump and the enforced-disappearances continue unabated
On Sunday July 7th Pakistani security forces abducted Baloch SST teacher Mr Yaqoob Hydar Gazozai near Windar at Khuda Bux Khaskhaili bus stop.  His son reports that security forces intercepted the bus they were travelling on and forcibly removed Mr. Yaqoob from the the bust.  When the female family members protested they were severely beaten by Pakistani security personnel.

Saturday July 6th in Taplo and Buleda areas of Zamuran the Bullet Riddled bodies of two Baloch civilians were found dumped.  In Turbat Abudl s/o Jan Mohmmad was shot and killed.
Friday in Windar, Pakistani agents abducted a Baloch civilian.
Thursday a Mutilated Body was found in Barkhan.

Baloch Youth Wing - State Agencies Proud to Dump Bodies of Baloch
BalochWarna News - Pakistan military killed 8 Civilians and wounded 20 in Sui Balochistan
BalochWarna News - Pakistan military destroyed several houses and abducted a dozen people
On July 4th Pakistani forces stepped up their deadly seige in the Dera Bugti regions of Sui Balochistan.  Civilian targets were bombarded indiscriminately, destroying over fifty homes in the Baloch villages.  Although there are reports of many casualties and wounded including women and children, the Pakistani security forces refused medical personnel access to the besieged regions.  During the seige at least 12 Bugti tribesmen were abducted; Warna s/o Kundha, Lalu s/o Sahiv, Talu s/o Nabi Bux, Baggi s/o Nabi Bux, Nadir, s/o Tangav, Khalid s/o Bhora, Konari s/o Gosho, Latu s/o Gosho, Dado s/o Esa Usman s/o Essa.  The reports of casualties and abductions are steadily increasing. - 65 Baloch abducted by Pakistani Security Forces in past three days: BSO Azad
In the recent Attack by Pakistani forces at Isplenji,Talkhawi and Kaboo areas, 65 Baloch were reported abducted over the course of a three day seige on the Baloch villages.

Wednesday June 3rd Pakistani forces abducted 2 Baloch civilians in Hub.  Dead bodies were found riddled with bullets and with signs of torture in Sarjani Town of Karachi and Satellite Town of Quetta.

BYGWAAH - Baloch nation has realized they have no choice but to struggle – Mama Qadeer
BaluchSarmarchar - Baloch nation has realized they have no choice but to struggle: Mama Qadeer
The Hunger strike camps in Balochistan are entering their 1197th day of Protest against the abductions and extrajudicial killings in Balochistan.  A BSO (BSO-Azzad) delegation has visited the camp on Friday to express their support.  The Vice Chairman for Voice For Baloch Missing Persons, Mama Qadeer Baloch, said that the Baloch nation has realized that they have no choice but to struggle for the liberation of Baloch nation.

Nasir Dagarzai Baloch who miraculously escaped... by Mir_Basham

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