Sunday, July 14, 2013

Elderly Woman and Young Girl Injured in Grenade Attack at BRP President's Home.

IndusTribune - House of BRP leader attacked with grenades in Afghanistan
BalochWarna News - House of a Baloch refugee attacked in Spin Boldak Afghanistan
Afghan Voice - House of BRP leader attacked by Pakistani secret agencies in Afghanistan - ISI In Afghanistan
Friday July 12th, In  Spin Boldek, Afghanistan.  Pakistani intelligence agencies attacked the home of BRP Dera Bugti president Riaz Gul Bugti for a third time.  Riaz's mother & 10 year old daughter Rajo Bibi were wounded in the grenade attacks of Pakistani state forces on his house.  This is 2nd time the house of Raiz Gul has been attacked by Pakistani Agents.  First in 2009 a cart loaded with explosives was delivered to his home, which was diffused and removed by NATO/Afghan forces. A short time later Afghan police arrested a Pakistani ISI agent who confessed to being paid handsomely by Pakistani agencies for planting the explosive-laden cart. The second attempt attack occurred in 2011, a suicide bomber killed Dur Khan Bugti and a young child outside the home of Riaz Gul Bugti.  The partner who delivered the suicide bomber to the site was injured in the blast and subsequently arrested.  During the interrogation he confessed to reciving 2 crore Rs from Pakistani ISI Major in a training camp in Chaman.

The Balochistan Point - Khuzdar: Professor Abdul Razaq Baloch Killed, Colleague injured
BalochWarna News - Three people including a college professor gunned down in Khuzdar
Radio Free EU - Pakistani Gunmen Kill Professor Who Promoted Education For Girls
BNM - The Occupant state is persisted on Slow genocide policy of Baloch intellectuals
The systematic oppression of education in Balochistan continues as Professor Razaq Baloch, Principal of a Khuzdar college, was gunned down on Chaker Khan rd. by state sponsored death squads on Thursday evening.
BalochWarna News - Karachi: Protest against killing of Professor Razaq Baloch
The death of beloved Baloch educator Razaq Baloch sparked national outrage.  The Baloch Human Rights Organisation led a protest in Karachi on the 14th.
BaluchSarmachar - 615 schools closed in Balochistan
Since the implementation of the "National Commission for Human Development" (NCHD) in 2002, all of the 615 schools built under the program are now closed.  Pakistan has been long set on depriving the Baloch people of education in order to keep the Baloch people in a state of perpetual oppression.  This agenda has now become more apparent than ever.

A recently leaked video from Balochistan shows Pakistani armed forces conducting loot and burn operations in Mashkey last week.  The Pakistani soldiers in the video speak in Punjab dialect.  When the displaced families and civilians protest they are told by Pakistani forces to leave or they and the rest of the village will be burned as well.  This undeniable evidence of Pakistani brutality in Balochistan has focused international attention upon the barbarism of the Pakistani forces.

As the Pakistani armed forces continue to conduct their genocidal operations, bullet riddled bodies continue to surface in Balochistan.  On July 11th a body mutilated beyond recognition was discovered in Dasht.  On Saturday July 13th in Master Colony area of Saryab another bullet riddled body was found.  The next day a dead body is discovered in Hub, shot dead on Sakoran rd.  Early this morning in Nasarrabad, the tortured body of Hameed s/o Essa was recovered.

BYGWAAH - Canadian foreign minister expresses concerns over Human Rights Violations in Balochistan
Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has responded to a letter from the coordinator of International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons with a scathing condemnation of Pakistan`s policies in Balochistan.  Mr. Baird said in his statement “The Government of Canada strongly condemns acts of persecution on the basis of ethnicity or religion and shares international concerns about the treatment of Pakistani minorities, including the Baloch. Canada takes every appropriate opportunity to express its views to the Government of Pakistan regarding its international human rights obligations and the need to ensure the safety and well-being of all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity or religion."  the Canadian Foreign Minister went on to end his letter by calling for an end to the gross human rights violations against the Baloch civilians in Pakistan and Iran.

On Saturday the women of the Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) staged a demonstration outside the karachi press club protesting the ongoing seige in Mustang, Kabu & Isplendji.

Sunday in South Korea Baloch Republican Party South Korea held a demonstration in the Pusan metropolis to raise awareness about the illegal occupation of Balochistan, state atrocities, war crimes, human rights violations by the Pakistani forces.

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