Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baloch Republican Party Council Session Sparks Violent Response from Pakistani Forces

Indus Tribune - BRP re-elects Brahumdagh Bugti as party chief
BalochWarna News - Brahumdagh Bugti re-elected as the president of Baloch Republican Party
July 4th through 5th, 2013, The Baloch Republican Party held a Central Council session in Karachi.  During the session Brahumdagh Bugti was elected as President.  Newly Elected BRP President Brahumdagh Bugti urged the International Community to withdraw their support for Pakistan.  Brahmudagh went on to state "We should not live in such an illusion that a foreign power will get us our lost freedom because even if it happens, it will be in the interest of (those) foreign powers not in the interest of the Baloch people. Only the achievement of goal by relying on our own strength will be the true freedom”.

Bolan Times - Body organs of BRP activist were removed from his body 
BalochWarna News - Bodies of abducted Baloch recovered from Dera Bugti Balochistan
Baloch Youth Wing - State Agencies targeting and killing families of Baloch Nationalist Leaders.
BYGWAAH - Dead bodies of three abducted Baloch found
The bold statements of the new BRP President Enraged the Pakistani Military, who on July 16th Attacked the home of BRP Central Council member Shama Bugti in Sui.  During the Attack Shama Bugti's 82 year old father Hammal Bugti and his 21 year old brother Wahid Bugti were Abducted.  July 19th, Three days after the attack their disfigured bullet-riddled remains were recovered in the Asreli area of Sui.  The BRP conducted a "shutter down" strike on Saturday to protest the Extra-Judicial Killing of their activists in Dera Bugti and Punjgor towns of Balochistan. - Dumping of bodies: Strike observed in Panjgur
BalochWarna News - Dumping of bodies: Strike observed in Panjgur

BalochWarna News - Deteriorating Human Rights Violations in Balochistan
Afghan Voice - Balochistan news weekly overview
The Nation - Bullet-riddled body found in Quetta
Daily Times - Body found in Quetta
On July 16 NINE Baloch civilians were abducted by Pakistani forces.  Eight Baloch civilians were abducted in Mach Bolan, and another in Faisal Colony, Dalbandin.  Two more civilians were killed on July 18th during the ongoing loot and burn operations conducted by Pakistani forces in the Dera Bugti regions of Sui.  Friday July 19th the tortured body of Ejaz Baloch s/o Ghulam Jan Baloch was found dumped in Mangho Peer area of Karachi.  Ejaz was abducted by Pakistani agents from the Dalmia area of Karachi on January 24th 2013.  On Saturday July 20th Pakistani forces kidnapped Baloch school teacher Abdul Zaher s/o Shadi Khan in Mastung.  In Quetta the body of Abdul Wahid was recovered stuffed into a "Gunny bag" on Saryab Road.

Yahoo News - Balochistan Issue Raised with Obama's Special Representative James Dobbins
Malaysia Sun - Balochistan Issues Raised with Obama Administration
Tolo News - US Senators Admonish Obama Over Haqqani-ISI Relationship
US relations with Pakistan continue to Cour over their gross Human Rights Violations in Balochistan and their blatant Support for Terrorist networks including Haqani network, as well as many other banned extremist groups such as LEJ, and Taliban.
The President of Baloch Society of North America, Dr. Wahid Baloch has raised the issue of Human Rights violations in Balochistan with Obama's Special Representative James Dobbins.  Dr. Wahid highlighted the ongoing military operations, human rights violations and enforced disappearances in the Balochistan region.  Issues of Poverty, Underdevelopment, Education Deprivation, and Racism were also raised in the correspondence.
With the recently Leaked Footage of Pakistani agents training Terrorist group LEJ, as well as another video of captured Pakistani ISI agent Irfan Gurgnari confessing to Abductions, Murders, and Oppression of Minorities, the involvement of Pakistani military and government with Terrorists and Extremists is Undeniable.
U.S. Senators called on the Obama administration to "address the role of the Pakistani intelligence community, specifically Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), in the activities of the Haqqani Network, a Militant group based in Pakistan but associated with Insurgent activities in Afghanistan."


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