Saturday, June 21, 2014

Occupational State Forces Conduct Mass Abductions in Balochistan

Last Wednesday Pakistani Forces resumed their ruthless bombardment of rural Baloch villages in the Dera Bugti region.  Civilian neighborhoods in the region were decimated by Indiscriminate Shelling from artillery and gunship helicopters.  At least 12 residents were abducted by Occupational State Forces, and countless homes were looted & set ablaze.

Early morning on June 16th in Paroom, Panjgur, Pakistani Armed Forces swept through residential areas indiscriminately looting and burning civilian homes. Throughout the day Occupational State Forces invaded civilian homes, looted valuable properties & livestock, and subjected the residents to acts of torture.  Afterwards, Paksitani Soldiers set the homes ablaze, reducing several Panjgur homes have been reduced to smoldering ruins.  During the attack, State Forces abducted at least 6 residents; Four of the abductees were identified as Salal Idress, Khair Bux, Hazoor Bux, Hamal Yasin, & Aalim Dost Mohammad.

On June 17th in Killi, Quetta, Unidentified Persons set fire to the Chashma Achuzai government school.  The school was reported to have burned to the ground in the blaze.  On Monday, two people were killed by unidentified gunmen; the first was shot dead in Kalat, while the second victim was killed in Hub.  On June 15th the bullet riddled remains of 2 brothers were discovered in the Kech district of Turbat.  Locals spotted the bodies in a derelict car in the Murgap area and alerted authorities who shifted the bodies to the local morgue where they were identified as Imran & Noor Ahmed s/o Jan Muhammad r/o Cah Sar, Turbat.

On June 14th, Tump resident Rasool Baksh s/o Mansoor was abducted from in Gwadar.

Last weekend, on June 14th, the Baloch Republican Party Germany Chapter conducted demonstrations at the Frankfurt Romerberg Town Hall to protest the ongoing gross Human Rights Violations in Balochistan by Pakistan.  Activists and participants highlighted Pakistan’s relentless campaign of enforced disappearances, extra judicial executions, and massive military operations against civilian targets.  BRP-Germany also appeals to the United Nations, European Union, NATO aligned nations, and the entire international community to take immediate action to pressure Pakistan release abducted BSO-Azad leader Zahid Baloch.

BSO-Azad Belgatar Zone held a protest on June 17th against the
enforced disappearance of BSO Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch

#SaveBSOAzadLeader #TokenHungerStrike  from BSO-Azad Tump Zone
for the Safe Recovery of BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch

Baloch Republican Party Switzerland Chapter has announced a protest at the UN headquarters in Geneva on June 25th, 2014 from 1pm until 2pm CEST.  BRP Switzerland is holding the demonstration to protest the relentless atrocities and severe human rights abuses committed against the Baloch people by the Pakistani State.  Human Rights activists are requested to join the protest and help create awareness of the dire situation in Balochistan.

WARNING - The Following Content is Extremely Graphic

This shocking footage reveals the remains of Abdullah Dahmardh Baloch as he was presented to his family members. Abdullah Dahmardh Baloch was imprisoned at Kerman Prison in Iran. On June 3rd 2014 it was reported his health had suddenly become critical and he was shifted to the Bahnor Hospital in Kerman. His family members were not informed of his condition or whereabouts. Six days later, other prisoners in Kerman called Abdullah Dahmardh's family to inform them that Abdullah had been taken to the hospital. When the family members arrived at the hospital they were directed to the morgue where they were they recorded the following video.

WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Remains of Baloch Prisoner Abdullah Dahmardh Baloch - Kerman Prison Iran from Shawn Forbes on Vimeo.

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