Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pakistan Military Continue Violent Rampage through Kech & Turbat Regions

Baloch Republican Party - Pakistani forces welcomed Ramadan with more military operations
Afghan Voice - Pakistani Forces welcome Ramazan with human rights violations
Sangar Publications - Pakistani army carried out operation in Shapuk & abduct Baloch civilians
At 5am on June 29th 2014 Occupational State Forces carried out an atrocious military operation against the Civilian inhabitants of the Shapuk region of Balochistan.  A number of homes in the region were Invaded, Looted, and set ablaze by State Forces.  Residents were detained and subjected to Acts of Torture, including Women and Children.  At least five women suffered significant injuries as a result of being tortured by State Soldiers.  During the attacks, State Forces Abducted 8 people; the abductees have been identified as Nisar Ahmed, Balach, Master Jawed, Hasan, Master Sudeer, Master Assa, Hassan and newlywed Wahid Baloch.  Wahid had been married for one day prior to his abduction.  It has been reported that Wahid was released the next day.

Among the homes Destroyed during the Shapuk Operation was that of Martyred Baloch Singer and Activist Shaheed Kachkol Bahar.  Not only did Pakistan’s Sinister Armed Forces destroy the singer/songwriter’s former home, but they also Desecrated the Graves of martyred Balochi poet Shaheed Kachkol Bahar and activist Shaheed Akram Shahzad.  This is the 2nd time this year that State Forces have attacked the families of the martyred activists in Shapuk.  Earlier this year, on March 5th, the Pakistan Army bombarded civilian homes in Shapuk causing heavy damage, and abducted dozens of residents.

Since late June Occupational State Forces established checkpoints and began amassing their forces along the roads between Turbat and Gwadar.  Motorists along the route have been detained and their vehicles searched.  Several towns have reported State Forces conducting door to door searches, often looting possessions, livestock, & other valuables and subjecting the residents to acts of torture.  Quite often the victims' homes were set ablaze by Pakistani Soldiers.  Countless rural communities have been reduced to smoldering ruins in the wake of Pakistan's military rampage.

On July 6th in the Shabiq region of Turbat State Forces set dozens of homes on fire and tortured the residents, including women & children.  Seth Nasir Baloch, Master Javed, Hasan Baloch, Master Sadir Baloch and Asa Baloch were all taken into custody without crime or charge during the operation.  Similar operations have been reported in Awaran & Panjgur.  BHRO representatives issued a statement demanding that "if the detained people had done anything wrong be produced before a court of law."

On July 2nd the Pakistani military backed by gunship helicopters indiscriminately bombarded houses in the Pidrak area of Kech, killing at least five people and wounding several civilians.  The deceased have been named as Sameer s/o Naseer kamalan, Haji Kamal s/o Musa, Murad Hasil along with his two sons, Akram and Islam. While eight people Asim s/o Gul Muhammad, Muheem s/o Asim, Sagheer s/o Ameet, Meero s/o Hussain, Imam s/o Hussain, Aalim s/o Hussain, Perviaz s/o Mazar Baloch and Jalal s/o Mazar Baloch were abducted by Pakistani forces during the seige.

Meanwhile in Quetta, 10 people were abducted in the Killi Ismail & Kalat st. areas by Pakistani Security Forces during door to door search operations on June 21st.
Martyr Asghar Baloch
was assassinated by
State Endorsed Death Squads
on June 7th 2014 in Tasp, Panjgur

On June 25th Baloch Republican Party – Switzerland held a demonstration at the United Nations office in Geneva to protest the Pakistan Army’s blatant massacre of civilians in Dera Bugti.  BRP Activists were joined by an array of Human Rights Advocates, Baloch Political Activists, and members of Civil Society from across Europe to expose Pakistan’s ongoing state barbarism in Balochistan.  Baloch leaders including Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti, Nawab Mehran Marri, Mir Javed Mengal, Mir Bakhtyar Khan Domki, Mir Noordin Mengal, and Hammal Haider Baloch participated in the protest and urged the United Nations as well as the entire International community to acknowledge the gross human rights violations in Balochistan.

Pakistan committing gross HR abuses across Balochistan - Mehran Baloch from GulZameen on Vimeo.

We are One says Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti from GulZameen on Vimeo.

At the Karachi Press club in Sindhudesh, BSO-Azad held a press conference on June 25th to continue demands for the safe release of abducted BSO-Azad leader Zahid Baloch.  During the conference Banuk Karima Baloch stated; 
BSO-Azad Senior Chairperson Banuk Kareema Baloch.
Again we are in front of cameras and talking about BSO Azad's Chairman Zahid baloch who was abducted by frontier corps on March 18 2014. BSO Azad is on protest from day one and not only small , big cities or villages even we protested all around the world and still we are under protest. Its not only for the first time that BSO Azad's member is abducted by ISI before of this our Ex Chairman Zakir Majeed is still missing from 5years and many of our members are martyred. BSO Azad Spokeswoman announced about Rally which will be on 27 June 2014 and appealed all Humanity lovers to join and make roll for the Safe Recovery of BSO Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch. Soon we will announce a seminar in Karachi and a new series of protests and Token Hunger Strike will be Started. We appeal to International Human Rights organizations and Media to break their silence, support us and show their anger against Human Rights violations in Balochistan.”

"I can't hug him or touch him directly because I don't know where my father is"
Yesterday Afternoon the Family Members of Abducted BSOAzad Leader Zahid Baloch initiated a protest camp at the Islamabad Press Club.  In a press conference Zahid's wife Zar Jan told reporters they would continue their protest until Zahid Baloch is released.
On June 5th BSO-Azad Kolwah Zone held a protest to #SaveBSOAzadLeader Zahid Baloch.
On June 29th in Italy, Members of Civil Society,Baloch Activists and Human Rights Advocates held a seminar to generate localand international awareness of the ongoing crisis in Balochistan.
On June 28th in Tump Hundreds of Protesters marched to demand the safe release of BSO-Azad Chairman Zahid Baloch. - #SaveBSOAzadLeader
On June 26th in Awaran BNF began #TokenHungerStrike camp to show solidarity for #SaveBSOAzadLeader ZahidBaloch.

Day 1651 of ‪#‎VBMPProtestCamp‬ outside Quetta Press Club for the release of ‪#‎AbductedBaloch‬ from illegal custody of Pakistan. The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons have been peacefully struggling for the safe release of more than 18000 Baloch activists who are currently being illegally detained by Pakistani forces. We Urge United Nations and United Nations Human Rights to take immediate notice of enforced-disappearances in ‪#‎Balochistan‬.

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