Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pakistan Armed Forces Continue Campaign of Mass Abductions in Balochistan

Baloch Republican Party - Military operations in Balochistan continue, houses destroyed, hundreds of civilians abducted in latest offensives - Rise in Number of Pakistani Military Operations in Occupied Balochistan

During the past week Pakistan’s Armed Forces engaged in a brutal series of indiscriminate civilian bombardments and mass abduction campaigns throughout Balochistan.  Last Thursday State Forces stormed the Nasirabad region abducting over 200 residents, including local doctors, teachers and other professionals.  Countless homes were ransacked, looted and burned.  Residents were lined up at gunpoint, stripped, bound, blindfolded, and dragged away by Pakistani Soldiers.  Among the abductees were Nasir, Shamsher, Mullah Abood, Mohammed Ali, Sir Zareef, Arif Dad, Naveed, Nadeem, Mazaar, Sohail s/o Master Ameen r/o Balicha, Asif s/o Noor Baksh r/o Balicha.  Soon thereafter State Forces abducted two young men, Nabil and Nisar, while travelling from Turbat to Pullabad. 

The Sinister Pakistani Armies continued their week long rampage through the Panjgur, Kharan, Tump and Dera Bugti regions.  Villages and towns throughout the affected regions are being bombarded by Gunship Helicopters and Heavy Artillery.  A number houses in the area were invaded by State Soldiers, looted and set ablaze.  The Inhabitants, including women and children, were detained and subjected to severe acts of torture.  A number of civilians in the besieged regions were killed during the attacks.  Among the civilian casualties are; Shahdad Baloch, Salim Baloch, Baloch Inzimam s/o Khuda Bux r/o Kharan, and Bibi Rehana Baloch r/o Kharan.

After establishing a significant presence in Nasirabad, Panjgur, Kharan Tump and Dera Bugti, Pakistan’s Cruel Armed Forces commenced a Savage operation in New Kahan on Friday.  Pakistani Soldiers mercilessly bombarded the district for 4 consecutive days.  During the operation, the inhuman State Forces systematically invaded, looted and burned local homes.  At least 6 residents were abducted including Horan Marri s/o Balach, and Nadir Khan s/o Ali Gul Marri Baloch.  Even the local ‘Jirga Hall’ community center was ransacked, looted and bulldozed by the Cruel Pakistani Army.  By Sunday morning, the Mashkai region also came under siege.  At least a dozen residents were abducted during a series of early dawn raids conducted by Occupational State Forces. 

BLF Spokesman, Senior Commander Gohram Baloch, has reported that Baloch Freedom Fighters have engaged Pakistan's Occupational Forces in Tump and Panjgur.  Baloch Sarmachar overwhelmed the Occupational Forces with rocket fire killing at least a dozen State Soldiers and injuring many more.
According to UBA Spokesman, Commander Mazar Baloch, Baloch Freedom Fighters have destroyed a Pakistani army encampment near Kahan killing as least 6 Occupational State Soldiers.
BRA fighters have also reported engagements with Occupational Forces in the Tump region.  According to reports, Baloch Sarmachar attacked an Pakistani Army encampment near Kalang, Tump, killing 3 and wounding 2 other State Soldiers.  Several more state soldiers were killed when the occupational forces were ambushed by BRA Freedom Fighters in the Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti.

BRP Panjgur Zone Vice President Hamza Baloch was Assassinated
by State Sponsored Death Squads in Panjgur on August 13th 2014
In separate incidents; a 6 day old body of a 60 year old man was recovered in Noshki today.  Meanwhile in Sui, two unidentified mutilated bodies were discovered on August 10th.  On August 7th a Marri youth was abducted from the the Harnai district.  On August 4th Azeem s/o Kahoor and Ahmad Ali s/o Allah Baksh were abducted in Jussak Turbat by Pakistan’s Intelligence Agents.  In Mand the extra-judicially executed remains of Nusrat Baloch s/o Jala Khan were recovered on August 3rd , Nusrat Baloch was abducted by State Forces only a few days prior to the discovery of his remains.  

BRP, BSO-Azad & BNM have announced the entire Baloch Nation will be observing Pakistan's Independance day of August 14th as a BLACK DAY.

BSO-Azad South Korea Zone Organizer Banuk Hafsa Baloch will be holding a campaign to create awareness of the atrocities being perpetrated in Balochistan on August 14th.

On August 11th the Baloch Nation celebrated the day Balochistan was declared a sovereign country after 100 years of colonial rule.  Only 9 months later Pakistan forcefully annexed the region and imposed a violent occupation ever since.
VBMP Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer and Baloch Sisters Celebrate
Baloch Independance Day on August 11th 2014
Earlier in the Day Mama Qadeer and Baloch Sisters Conducted Prayers
at the gravesite of Nawab Khair Baksh "Baba" Marri

August 10th 2014 - BSO-Azad Jahao Zone held a protest to demand the safe recovery of
#SaveBSOAzadLeader Zahid Baloch
On August 2nd 2014 BSO-Azad Kolwah Zone held a demonstration to protest the extrajudicial abduction
of #SaveBSOAzadLeader Zahid Baloch

On August 1st 2014 BSO-Azad South Korea chapter held a protest against the severe oppression and serious human rights violations in Balochistan.  BSO-Azad South Korea Organizer Banuk Hafsa Nasir Baloch released the following video.

Hafsa Baloch BSO Azad South Korea Zone from Shawn Forbes on Vimeo.

On Saturday August 2nd Baloch Republican Party UK chapter organized a protest demonstration in front of  British PM office in London. A large number of Baloch activists including Baloch leader Sardar Mir Bakhtiyar Khan Domki and the president of BRP UK chapter Mansoor Baloch joined the protest. Mansoor Baloch, while addressing protesters, said that 
"they gathered to make aware the international community and human rights organizations about the heinous crimes being committed by Pakistani occupying forces against Baloch people."

On August 9th 2014 the Iranian Regime conducted a horrific display of barbarism. The Iranian authorities performed a gruesome mass execution at Zehedan prison.  A mother was executed by hanging alongside her 20 year old son, Rasul Baksh, (who has spent 3 years in custody).  3 other prisoners were also hung alongside the young man and his mother.  28 year old Ali, 32 year old Basham Naroye and 35 year old Kamran were among those executed.

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