Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pakistan Demonstrates their Violent Enforcement of Media Censorship in Balochistan

Six months ago, Haji Abdul Razzaq Baloch, Esteemed journalist and editor at the Urdu language news outlet “Daily Tawar”, was abducted by Pakistan state agents in Karachi.  The Daily Tawar is one of the few regional news outlets reporting the ongoing genocide in Balochistan.  Despite having changed their office on a number of occasions due to ongoing threats and abductions of staff, the Daily Tawar continues to report the atrocities committed by Pakistan state agencies in Balochistan. 

Razzaq’s disfigured remains were recovered in the Lyari area of Karachi on August 22nd.  Reports indicate his body was mutilated beyond recognition and his family was barely able to recognize him.  So far of the seven journalists killed in Pakistan this year, four of them were killed in Balochistan.  Pakistan’s efforts to censor the reporting of their Baloch genocide only serves to illustrate their attempt to obscure the genocide they continue to conduct in Balochistan.

As well as Abdul Razzaq, the bodies of 2 other Baloch abductees were also recently recovered in Karachi.  On August 23rd it was reported the bodies of Muhammad Ramzan and Abdul Ghafoor were found in Surjani Town.   These tactics of dumping the bodies of extra-judicially killed Baloch outside the Balochistan province, especially in the nearby town of Karachi, is the ages old method of deceit through misdirection.  By placing the bodies in the neighboring province of Sindh the Pakistan State Agencies are diluting the statistics to lessen the gravity of the situation in Balochistan.

On August 23rd four bodies were discovered.  In the Killi Chashma area of Kalat the mutilated remains of Muhammad Irfan was recovered.   Only three days later, the bullet-riddled body of BRP activist Gulla Khan Bugti was recovered in Thangwani Naseerabad.

Monday August 26th marked the 7th anniversary of martyrdom of Nawab Akbar Bugti.  Balochistan engaged in a province wide shutter-down strike in observance of the anniversary of Nawab Akbar’s martyrdom.  During this strike many shopkeepers throughout the region were harassed and abducted for refusing to violate the BRP strike call on this day of mourning.

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