Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Balochistan Rocked by Devastating Earthquakes

On Tuesday September 24th Balochistan was struck by a powerful 7.8 magnitude Earthquake.  At a depth of 20km, some 60km north-east of Arawan, the Earthquake was felt as far away as India’s capital Delhi.  At least 145 Deaths have been confirmed, with many more Trapped beneath the rubble.  Thus far, International response to the disaster seems minimal if at all.  Although civil rescue workers and paramedics were already on the scene, Pakistan has deployed a Paramilitary Force of at least 200 Soldiers to take over rescue operations.

Only one day following Taliban Military commander Mullah Baradar's release on September 21st, Taliban Suicide Bombers attacked a Christian Church in Peshawar killing 81 and wounding 140 Christians.  Taliban representatives claim the attack was in retaliation to US Drone Strikes, and is the work of a “splinter group”.  Yet Sunday’s Brutal Attack on the All Saints Christian Church in no way combats or prevents drone strikes. 

The Taliban has long maintained strict opposition to all non-Sunni Muslim minorities.  The Taliban openly practice a policy of Persecution and Extermination of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Shiite Muslims, and anyone or anything else they consider “Un-Islamic”.  Rather than promoting Islam, the Taliban attempts to enforce Islam.  The Taliban policy of ethnic intolerance is in-fact destructive to Islam and perpetuates an already negative international perception of Muslims.

Although you can force a *man to task, you can force a man to clothe, you can even force a man to death, but you can never force a man to believe, for the mind of man is his own and is so by design.  To doubt this design is to doubt God.
It is deeply troubling that the Pakistani State has so openly aligned themselves with such Extremist ideologies.

On September 16th Hit Squads killed 2 in the Mand region of Balochistan.  In Braho Reke, Hameed Gong was gunned down, and in Bravi Village Pir Baksh was also shot dead.  In the small town of Sibbi, on Monday, unidentified gunmen killed Ali Mohammed.  In Quetta, an unidentified body was found dumped in the Killi Kamalo area.

Violence in Dera Bugti continued on the 17th.  Waheed Bugti and Ali Bugti were killed by Pakistan Security Forces in Dera Bugti.  Naseem Baloch was gunned down by Pakistni hit squads in Paroom Panjgoor.  In Khuzdar, Mohmmad Hafiz was shot dead, and In the remote Barkhan village, a Marri tribes person was abducted by Pakistani Agents.

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