Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pakistan Paramilitary Forces Besiege Panjgur while Plundering Earthquake Ravaged Arawan

Ravaged by the recent Earthquake on September 24th, the Arawan region has since remained Occupied by Pakistani Paramilitary Forces.  Under the pretense of providing assistance to the Earthquake Victims, the Pakistani Military have effectively Isolated the Devastated Community preventing outside media from covering the Tragic Disaster.  Over 500 residents of the Arawan region were been Killed in the initial Earthquake.  Soon after the initial quake, Aftershocks Killed another 15 residents of the nearby Mashkey area.  Thousands of the residents of the Arawan & Mashkey regions have been Injured and Millions Displaced.

Z News - Powerful aftershock hits Balochistan, 15 dead
Balochistan Point - Awaran Needs International Assistance

Checkpoints have been established around the area preventing any Non-Military personnel from entering the Earthquake Zone.  Without media access to the region, the international community is left completely oblivious to the Worsening Humanitarian Crisis in the Arawan region.   As well as turning away media and volunteers, Pakistani Security has Seized incoming Donations of food, medical and emergency supplies.  Civilian Emergency Workers, Medical Personnel, and other Relief Volunteers have reported the Pakistani Security Forces Refused them Access to the region and Confiscated any Supplies they brought for the Earthquake Victims.

BBC News - Pakistan quake highlights Balochistan ethnic fractures

September 25th Sanaullah Baloch and Ghulam Mustafa were Abducted while attempting to enter the Arawan region to Volunteer in the Rescue Operations.  On Saturday the 28th, Habib, Muneer and Sarwar were Abducted from the Mashkey region.  The next day, the Mutilated Bodies of 5 Volunteers who were Abducted near the Arawan region were found Dumped.

Pakistan’s Armed Forces have ensured the Earthquake Zone near Arawan is completely Isolated to prevent the International Community from witnessing the Crisis and sending Aid Workers of their own.  Without the eyes of the international community upon them, Pakistan’s Military is able to Plunder the Relief Supplies and funding for themselves.  Pakistan FC has even taken measures to Prevent the Earthquake Victims from obtaining any incoming Aid Funds or Supplies by requiring they present their Pakistan *CNIC ID cards to qualify for relief aid.  Most of the victim’s CNIC ID cards are Buried beneath the Rubble of their homes along with everything else they possess.

If anyone wishes to make donations or help the Earthquake victims please contact the Baloch Welfare Society and Balochistan Earthquake fund.

Rather than helping the Earthquake victims, Pakistani Military Forces has instead used their presence in the Arawan region to Stage Attacks against the adjacent Panjgur district.  During the past few days Pakistani military forces laid Siege to the small rural Village of Paroom.  Pakistani Soldiers indiscriminately Fired Mortar Rounds and deployed Gunship Helicopters during the Assault.  All the Homes and Vehicles of the residents were Destroyed in the Ruthless Attack.  Since the attack began, more than 20 Abductions have been reported.  At least five Mutilated Bodies have also been recovered in the region since the Attack began last Saturday.  Several of the recovered bodies have been identified as recent Baloch abductees.

The following images illustrate the Destruction left in the wake of the Pakistani Seige of Paroom, Panjgur.

Faqeer Colony, Gwadar, was home to the latest round of door to door Looting and Abduction campaigns.   Many Civilian Homes were Damaged during Raids conducted by Pakistan Security Forces during the weekend.  Personal Property was either stolen or destroyed, and several abductions have been reported.

On September 28th 2013, the Bullet Riddled Body of Manu Jan Bugti was found dumped in Rakni Balochistan.  In Mand, Basit s/o Shera was gunned down by Pakistani Target Killers.  Many Baloch regions experienced Abductions during the weekend.  In Ward-1 Gaddani, Peerandad w/o Shakir Baloch was apprehended by Pakistani Security Forces and Tortured while in Custody, and Mohmmad Iqbal s/o Qadeer was Abducted in Quetta on Saturday.

*CNID - Computerized National ID Card

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