Saturday, October 19, 2013

Paramilitary Forces Bombard Earthquake Zone in Mashkai

Early Monday Morning, Pakistani Armed Forces began Bombarding the earthquake ravaged town of Kharan Mashkai with Rocket Propelled Grenades, Mortars, Fighter Jets and Gunship Helicopters.  Because of the Pakistani Military’s refusal to allow civilian aid workers to enter the region, and their brazen misappropriation of relief supplies, the Baloch community have been forced to smuggle volunteers and supplies into the region to help the victims of the September 24th earthquakes.  

Pakistan’s Paramilitary Soldiers began their Invasion of Mashkai on October 10th in the Kharan region Killing four, and injuring at least nine others.  Among those Killed in the Attack is Zaffar Jan Baloch, his wife Ms Halima Baloch, and his brother Muhammad Yousuf.  Countless Civilians have been Abducted and Detained in the Mashkai region during the ongoing attacks.  Arawan and Mashkai remain Blockaded, Occupied, and Besieged even now. 

On the recent Eid festival, Voice for Baloch Missing Persons organised a protest rally. Demonstrations were staged at the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons camp outside the Quetta Press club in Balochstan.
BSO-A-Azaad and BNM have called for a complete shutter-down wheel-jam strike throughout Balochistan in protest of the ongoing military operations in the devastated regions of Arawan and Mashkai.  

Since the Occupation Forces have refused international volunteer workers and prevented civilian aid workers from reaching the victims with supplies and relief aid, they can effectively shroud the entire operation in secrecy and deceit.  Pakistani Military Officials claim militants prevent them from distributing aid, and the military offensive in Mashkai is for the benefit of the earthquake victims.  This claim is a fabrication to justify the continued military occupation of the earthquake region and plunder the relief funding for themselves.

October 13th several Baloch civilians were abducted by Pakistani Agents.  In Maashi Ali Sarmastani was abducted, and in Sobat Pur Sibbi, Sala Mohmmad Murad Bugti was abducted.

Pakistani Death Squads gunned down 2 Baloch civilians in the Mach Bolan region on Sunday.  Gulam Rasoon was shot and killed.  In a separate incident, a yet unidentified Baloch civilian was also killed by target killers.

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