Monday, November 4, 2013

Pakistan Forces Target Earthquake Victims, Relief Charities and Baloch Activists

On October 19th 2013, the residents of the Panjgur Region of Balochistan were again Besieged by Pakistan Military Forces.  Pakistani Soldiers deployed Gunship Helicopters and conducted Loot & Burn operations.  Residents were Tortured and detained while Pakistani Soldiers raided homes for valuables and razed the village.  Countless families are left homeless and destitute by these ongoing attacks against defenseless civilians.  80 year old Baksh s/o Chakar Baloch was Abducted during the raid, as well as Sanaullah s/o Abdul Majeed Baloch and his 10 year-old brother. 
A violent explosion seriously wounded two Bugti villagers when their ox cart set off a landmine in the Yaropat region on October 20th.  Pakistani Agents Abducted 16 year old Taj Mohmmad s/o Wazir, and the next day Pakistani Agents Targeted Kundo Bugti & an Elderly shopkeeper named Masho Bugti in the Dera Bugti region.

Sangar Publications - BSO - Azaad Condemns Army Operation in Quake Affected Areas - Special report: The Awaran earthquake – Fear in a handful of dust

Monday October 21st The Awaran home of Mola Baksh was attacked by Pakistan Armed Forces during their ongoing operation to vacate the Earthquake Ravaged region.  On Tuesday another Awaran home, this time the residence of Jameel Ahmed was Attacked.  Pakistani forces Pillaged the civilian residences, Torturing the Women and Children.  Pakistan Military officials state the region is “the hotbed of the biggest insurgency in Pakistan” yet denies any military operations. 
Pakistan Military representative also claimed the “insurgents” were preventing delivery of incoming aid and inhibiting “rehabilitation” of the region, yet not one single NGO/INGO has reported being attacked by Baloch Separatists.  The statements of the Pakistan Armed Forces are absolutely contradictory to the facts, as they openly admit to refusing NGO/INGO access to the region.
On Tuesday October 22nd, Pakistani Agents Asharaf Salam & Liaqat, Destroyed the Baloch Welfare Committee Medical Camp.  The Plundered medical supplies were intended for Earthquake Victims at Teertaaj, Awaran.  October 30th Pakistani Paramilitary Forces resumed Indiscriminate Bombardment of Mashkai, this time targeting the Nokojo region.  Ali Pul s/o Fida Baloch was injured in the blasts.  Following the attack Mohmmad Afzal and his son Tariq were Abducted by the State Military Forces.

The Pakistan government claims they do not require any additional aid beyond the Paramilitary Forces currently deployed to the region, yet over a month has passed since the earthquakes and Awaran has seen no reconstruction.  The cold harsh winter is looming and Pakistan has again Failed the Baloch people.  Instead of warm food and shelter, the Awaran Earthquake Victims are fed empty promises, and concealed by Pakistan's thin veil of deceit.  Many of the Earthquake victims have opted to leave the region, relocating to other regions of Balochistan.  Those who remain have resolved to undertake the daunting task of rebuilding their homes themselves.
Many of the Earthquake Victims who relocated have been Targeted by Pakistani Agents in numerous Violent Military Operations.  In Hub, the new home of Arawan Earthquake Survivor Moula Baksh was attacked by Pakistani forces on October 25th.  In addition to inflicting acts of Abuse and Torture upon the Women and Children, Pakistani Agents abducted five family members during the raid.  14 year-old Balach Baloch, Amin Baloch, Elahi Baksh Baloch, and Azeem Baloch.  Only four days earlier in Labach Mashkai, Pakistani Agents had attacked their home and attempted to abduct the young Balach Baloch prompting the family to relocate to Hub.  
Dr. Mohmmad Khan, Umeed Khan, Maire and two others were reported as abducted by Pakistani Agents on Friday Oct. 25th.  Earlier that week, on Oct. 20th, Pakistani Agents abducted Gayas-u-din while leaving Hub.  On Oct. 22nd the body of a yet unidentified Young Girl was found Dumped in nearby Raees Goth, Sindh.

Widespread Violence and Abductions were reported in the Kech and Panjgur regions.  On Monday October 21st 2013 Akbar Wdhela, a Pasni Social Worker, was killed by Target Killers.  On October 23rd In Dasht, Khuda Sakan and his son Farooq were abducted by Pakistan State Agents.  Sher Mohmmad was murdered by Target Killers on October 28th in Turbat.  In Panjgur two mutilated bodies were recovered on Saturday Oct. 26th.  Sunday the 27th Pakistani Death Squads Assaulted the Panjgur home of Hamid Hameed Baloch.  Hamid was Martyred in the attack and his home Burned to the ground.  On October 30th another Baloch Civilian was Shot and Killed by unidentified Target Killers in the region.
The Balochistan town of Quetta was also host to Pakistan’s relentless campaign of Abductions and Extra-Judicial Killings.  In the Musa Colony area on October 26th, a Baloch civilian was Murdered by Target Killers.  On the same day Pakistani Death Squads Gunned down 2 more Baloch on Majid Road, and Abducted 3 in the nearby Mastung district.  October 27th the body of Rasool Bakhsh Mengal was found Hanged in a tree on Saryab road.  Rasool Mengal was in Quetta for the VBMP “Long March” Protest.  Two days later on Tuesday the 29th Target Killers murdered Gulam Nabi w/o Malik Abdullah Jan in Saryab Green Town, Quetta.  Also on Tuesday a yet unidentified Baloch civilian was shot and killed on Double road.
Thursday October 31st Pakistani Armed Forces conducted raids in the New Kahan district near Quetta.  Seventeen Civilians were reported as Abducted during the State Military Operation.  A short distance south of Quetta, in Surab, Pakistani Death Squads killed 12 year old Rafiq Ahmed Baloch and 15 year old Nisar Ahmed Baloch.  Rafiq & Nisar were nephews of Shaheed Zakaria and residents of Anjeera.   A few days earlier on the 28th, three shops in nearby Besima were Destroyed in an Explosion.  Although nobody was injured in the blast and subsequent fire, millions of rupees worth of merchandise & equipment was destroyed.
October 29th 2013, Waqar Naseer s/o Naseer Baloch, President of BRP South Korea, was Martyred by Pakistani FC.  Waqar Naseer was travelling by bus from Quetta to Karachi when he was Seized by Pakistani FC who Tortured and Murdered the Baloch Political Activist at Khuzdar.  A Baloch student, Abdul Salam Sasoli was also found Shot Dead by unidentified Target Killers in Khuzdar on Thursday.  November 3rd six Baloch youth were abducted by Pakistan Agents.  Ubaid, Munir, Ghafoor and 3 friends were abducted in the Naal district of Khuzdar.

Ongoing Military Campaigns in Dera Bugti regions have also Intensified.  On October 25th Pakistani Agents abducted Haji Nawab Din Bugti from Sui.  On October 30th the Mutilated Remains of two Baloch civilians, abducted 8 days prior, were recovered in the Zenloti district of Dera Bugti.  The bodies were identified as Safar Khan Bugti and Wahid Bugti.

In London, England, the BNM Foreign Representative Hammal Hayder Baloch was wounded by a Pakistani Assassin.  Police have arrested a Punjabi resident of London responsible for the attack.

BYGWAAH - Long March of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP)
Balochistan Point - Long March for Missing Persons
Balochwarna News - VBMP Long March is well on it’s to Karach: Qadeer Baloch

Mama Qadeer Baloch has begun the “Long March” for the VBMP from Quetta to Karachi in protest of the rampant abductions & extrajudicial killings of Baloch civilians.  Mama Qadeer Baloch & the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Chairman Nasrullah Baloch led protesters out of Quetta on October 28th in an effort to generate international awareness of the ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing in Balochistan.  They continue their near 700 kilometer journey in hopes this demonstration will finally garner the long overdue attention of the international community.

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