Friday, November 22, 2013

Long March for the release of Baloch Abductees reaches Karachi

Through Scorching desert heat, harsh winds, death threats, and vehicular attacks, Mama Qadeer and the VBMP marchers completed their 700 kilometer trek from Quetta to Karachi.  For 27 days, the families of Enforced Disappeared & Extra-Judicially Killed Baloch braved the rugged desert highways of Balochistan.  During the march, Baloch across the region showed their support, joining the march and helping with supplies.  The “Long March” participants intend to continue their demonstration in the form of a Hunger Strike outside the Karachi Press Club.  In a statement the Vice President of VBMP - Mama Qadeer said “We will continue our Protest until all the Missing Persons reappear or are produced before the court”.

In the midst of the “Long March” demonstration, Traders in Nushki, Mastung, Kalat, Khuzdar, Awaran, Gwadar, Panjgur, Kharan, Turban, Mand & Hub observed a BRP strike call in remembrance of Martyr Nawabzada Balaach Marri.  Nawabzada Balaach Marri was martyred during an encounter with Pakistani Security Forces on November 20th 2007.
Earlier on November 13th, Baloch Martyrs Day was held to commemorate and pay tribute to all the fallen Baloch Heroes.  Rememberance gatherings & Memorial Services were held all over Balochistan and around the world in honor of Baloch Martyrs.

Doctors across Balochistan intensify their strike, boycotting ODP (outdoor patient departments) at state run hospitals.  Baloch doctors began their protest on September 17th after cardiologist Munaaf Tareen was Abducted in front of his clinic in Quetta.  Baloch medical personnel have sadly become common Targets for Abducted and Assassination in the region.  The persecution of Baloch medical professionals is yet another tactic in the Systematic Expulsion and Extermination of the Baloch community.  More than 80 doctors have recently left the Quetta area to seek safety in other regions.  Although Doctors have boycotted the ODP, many have remained to treat emergency patients.

November 11th 2013, Pakistan Military Forces besieged the rural Baloch villages Bhoral Khosa near the Uchling district of Sohbat Pur / Jaffarabad.  Witnesses report Pakistani Army Personnel Looted the village homes then set them Ablaze, destroying the entire town.  During the attack, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Khosa and Mr. Ali Dad Bugti were abducted by Pakistani Agents.  Residents reported Pakistan Soldiers openly Beating and Torturing the Civilian villagers.

During the Past week Pakistani Agents have Abducted at least 60 Baloch civilians in the Marwar-Bolan, and Dera Bugti regions.  Martyr Younis Baloch's 70yr old elder brother Mr.Muhammad Hussain Baloch, Mr. Zafar Baloch and Mr.Sherdil Baloch were amongst the Abductees.  On November 17th,  Mr. Tanveer Baloch , Mr. Qandeel Baloch, Mr. Yaseen Baloch, Mr. Akhtar Baloch and Mr. Sohail Baloch were Abducted during the Seige of Garamkan Village in Panjgur.  Pakistan Security Forces continue to blatantly conduct perpetual Loot & Burn military operations in Panjgur and Dera Bugti with impunity.  Pakistan's ongoing campaign of Ethnic Cleansing in Balochistan has left behind a swath of smoldering villages, displaced families, and untold suffering.

Pakistani State Agencies continue attempts to tighten their grip on Social Activism and media, effectively preventing the international community from fully realizing the extent of Pakistan’s vicious campaign of Ethnic Cleansing in Balochistan.
Despite Pakistan’s efforts to keep Balochistan hidden from the international community, British Director and Writer David Whitney along with Producers Noordin Mengal & his brother Bhawal Mengal, recently released the movie “The Line of Freedom”.  The Line of Freedom documents the harrowing account of abductee and eventual victim of extrajudicial murder, Nasir Dagarzai Baloch.  The movie has been made available for free at

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