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Pakistani Armed Forces Massacre Residents of Nasirabad Balochistan

BNCHR - 3 more mutilated dead bodies found in Pirkoh-Dera Bugti
The Balochistan Point - BHRO Commemorates International Day of Human Rights
The Examiner - Baloch youth abducted by Pakistan state after human rights day - Pakistan army barbarity on 'Int'l Day of Human Rights' killing and dumping Baloch

December 10th 2013 the United Nations celebrated “International Human Rights Day”.  While the UN held a conference to discuss human rights with sports celebrities, the people of Balochistan mourned the Targeted Killings of six Baloch residents.  Three Bullet Riddled bodies were found dumped in Pirkoh, Dera Bugti.  They have been identified as Bahiyan Bugti, Sefal Bugti & Razzu Bugti.  In Besima, the remains of Noor Mohmmad were recovered.   An unidentified person was shot and Killed by Iranian Forces near the Balochistan/Iran border.  And a resident of Kuchlak, Balochistan, was also Found Dead on Tuesday.  The very next day State Agents Abducted Student and human rights activist Abdul Qayyum Baloch s/o Nazar Mohammed Baloch from his residence in Gwadr Port.

Balochwarna News - Pakistan is violating the Vienna Convention
The Frontier Post - 18,000 people of Balochistan are missing

Activists and Demonstrators from the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons held a seminar at the Karachi Press Club.  Several activists spoke at the seminar including Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur.

Although engaged in Violent Campaigns of Ethnic Cleansing, Pakistan holds significant status in the United Nations.  In stark contrast to every ideal promoted by the United Nations, Pakistan maintains and enforces strict policies of intolerance and oppression.

Balochwarna News - Killings and abductions as Pakistani military continues offensive
The Balochistan Point - 11 members of a Bugti family killed in Naseerabad.
BNCHR - Military Massacare in RD-238 11 members of a family have been killed - The ruthless operations of the Pakistani occupying forces are intensified in Balochistan

On December 2nd 2013 Pakistani Armed Forces began a Full-Scale week-long Military Offensive in the Nasirabad region.  Armored Vehicles, Mortars, RPGs and Gunship Helicopters were deployed against Civilian Targets in the Bati & RD-238 districts.  Pakistani Armed Forces Massacred the local Bugti citizens, plundered their valuables, and Set Fire to the village.  At least 11 Bugti Villagers were Killed during the ruthless onslaught.  Several of the victims have been identified as Khushal Bugti, Haji Riazat Bugti, Kosa Bugti, Masso Bugti, as well as 2 of Mr. Ali Dost Baloch’s sons and his grandson.  Regional sources also report many Villagers were Wounded in the Attacks, including a large number of Women and Cchildren.  Nohwat S/o Qasim Shalwani Bugti, Gulabi Bugti, Ustashi Mali Bugti, and dozens of other villagers were Abducted by Pakistani Forces during the ongoing Attacks.   Pakistani Forces continue to blatantly Siege the Nasirabad villages with utter disregard for International Law. 

BNCHR - Military continues kill and dump policy in Balochistan

Several Days after the attacks in Naseerabad, the bodies of abductees Alam Din Baloch s/o Malha Baloch , Sawan s/o Malha Baloch , and Muhammad Azam s/o Mauzh Ali Baloch were recovered in the Khaten area of Dera Bugti.

Friday December 6th, Pakistani Death Squads conducted Tactical Home Invasions in Turbat.  Several residents were Abducted by the Pakistani Agents during the Raids.  Among the Abductees was teen-aged Student Altaf Rahemat.  Throughout the week, Pakistani Security Forces conducted door to door searches in Turbat.  During these searches residents of the homes, including the Women and Children, were detained and Tortured by Pakistani Agents.  December 9th Turbat residents Master Hasil and Khair Jan were Murdered by Target Killers.  December 12th Pakistan’s Death Squads continued their Invasion of Turbat neighborhoods, Killing two and Abducting three residents named Anwar, Barkat and Adil.
In other parts of Balochistan, a daily series of Targeted Killings and Abductions of Baloch citizens continues Unabated.  December 1st, 2013, Imran s/o Khuda Baksh was killed by Gunmen in Passini.  Monday the 2nd, Pakistani Agents abducted Shafiq Zehri s/o Abdul Rasool from Hub.  In Mastung, Wahid Baksh, was Murdered by Unidentified Target Killers.  On Tuesday the 3rd, in Quetta, Mehrab s/o Shokat was Abducted by State Agents.  Wednesday the 4th Waheed s/o Wahid was Abducted in Pishukan.  Thursday the 5th Hangul s/o Salah Marri was Abducted by State Agents in Harnai, Balochistan.  On December 6th an unidentified dead body is recovered from Zarghoon rd. Quetta.  December 7th Mr. Nokhaf Baloch, Mr. Hazaru Baloch and Mr. Qadu Baloch were Abducted by Pakistani State Agents in the Dharabi area of Dera Murad Jamali.  Mr. Asghar Baloch was also Abducted on Saturday by Pakistani Agents in the Gokdan area of Kech.  Monday the 9th, the remains of Hashum s/o Ayoub were recovered in the Tump region.

December 10th Pakistani Military Attacked Civilian homes in Mand, Balochistan.  Indiscriminate Rocket Fire damaged and destroyed Homes in the area including the home of Sarwar s/o Yousuf.  Several residents were injured in the attacks.   

Pakistani State Agencies intensified their Violent Campaign of Targeted Killings in Quetta.  On December 9th Target Killers shot and killed an unidentified civilian on Saryab Road.  December 10th, in Satellite Town, a resident was killed by gunfire.  An unidentified body was also recovered from the Saryab rd. area on Wednesday the 11th.  On Thursday Agents killed two more in Satellite town, and wounded another at Saryab rd.  In Gausabad, Quetta, two more dead bodies were found.

Thursday December 12th Pakistani forces Initiated Military Operations in the Earthquake ravaged region of Awaran.  Many residents including Women and Children have been abducted and subjected to acts of Torture.

Voice of Baloch Missing person vice chairmen Mama Qadeer announced today his intention to continue the Long March demonstration.  The protestors will embark upon the 1200 kilometer trek from Karachi to Islamabad on 13th December 2013.  Mama Qadeer’s brave demonstration not only brings international attention from governments and media, but also inspires individuals everywhere to become activists.  It would be difficult for the international community to continue a policy of indifference when their constituency demands otherwise.
In London England on December 8th the Baloch Republican Party held protests.  
Saturday December 7th, Baloch from across the Balochistan province joined the "wheel-jam shutter-down" strike in protest of the Occupational State's Local Government Elections.  Most Baloch residents also boycotted Pakistan's LG Elections.

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