Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pakistani Forces Storm Bugti Villages and Refugee Camps

Mama Qadeer, #VBMPLongMarch , led a procession of demonstrators over 800 km passing through Thatta yesterday and into Sajawal today.  8 Days ago, after the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons rally & seminar in Karachi, the #VBMPLongMarch resumed their journey to Islamabad to protest the ongoing abductions and extra-judicial killings in Balochistan.
During the past few days Qadeer Baloch, vice chairman of VBMP, reported receiving threats from blocked phone numbers.  He was told his “family and relatives could be in danger if he doesn't quit the long march”.  Qadeer has resolved that “The march will continue at all costs”.
In light of recent instances of unauthorized collections of donations, Mr. Qadeer Baloch stated that the VBMP is NOT collecting donations, and has requested that no one give donations to any charity or individual claiming to collect donations on behalf of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons.

Friday December 13th, Pakistani Agents in Mal Mandi, Barkhan, Abducted 2 Baloch residents.  In the Lasbela Disctrict of Sindh, the Bullet Riddled and badly decomposed remains of Mohammad Afzal Baloch, a resident of Panjugur, Balochistan, was recovered on December 13th.  Mohammad Afzal Baloch was Abducted by Pakistani Security Forces from Panjgur several months ago.  Also on Friday, the body of Panjgur resident Mohmmad Afzal Baloch was found dead in the the Bela district.  On Saturday in Loralai Target Killers shot and killed an unidentified resident.  In Gaddani, Balochistan, on the 14th, the body of Bahadar Khan s/o Baksh, washed up on the Sonmiani Bay shore.
Pakistan again Intensified their Violent Military Campaign throughout the Dera Bugti regions.  This time Targeting Families in the rural Mat area of Sui, Balochistan.  Baloch Republican Party Media sources from Dera Bugti reported that on December 14th 2013, Six Baloch Youth were Abducted by Pakistani Forces.  Three of the abductees have been identified as Danga s/o Shehaan, Saho s/o Meeral Bugti, Shah Dost s/o Keheman Bugti .  The abductees were shot by Pakistani Armed Forces then taken to an undisclosed location.  The same family was previously attacked by Pakistan’s Armed Forces in June of this year, when eight members of the Bugti family were killed during an attack on a funeral in Mat, Sui.

Baloch Youth Wing - Escalation in Balochistan Genocide by Occupier State of Pakistan
BNCHR - Two Baloch refugees killed in Spin Boldak by ISI goons
Balochwarna News - Suspected Pakistani agents target killed two Baloch refugees in Afghanistan

The next day on December 15th, a Bugti Refugee Camp in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan, was Attacked by Pakistani ISI Agents.  This time two Baloch Refugees; Nehal Khan s/o Dur Khan Baloch and Mr. Zar Khan s/o Gulzar Baloch, were killed during the assault.  The Spin Boldak refugee camp has faced attacks on 3 previous occasions.

The Spin Boldak home of BRP Dera Bugti president Riaz Gul Bugti was attacked in 2009 when an explosive laden cart was delivered to his home by a confessed ISI agent.  Again in 2011, a suicide bomber killed Dur Khan Bugti and a young child.  When the suicide bombers accomplice was apprehended he confessed to operating under ISI direction.  Most recently, in July of this year, Riaz Gul Bugti’s mother and 10 year old daughter were wounded when hand grenades were tossed through his window.

BNCHR - 2 abducted from Panjgur, 1 killed and dumped in Rakhni

December 17th two people were murdered by Target Killers in Khulo, Balochistan.  The next day the Tortured remains of Janan s/o Nehal Khan were recovered in Chapar Rakni district of Kohlu.  Janan was Abducted by Pakistani ISI Agents last Tuesday, December 10th.  In the Chitkan district of Panjgur, Agha Sajid and Agha Sajjad were abducted.  Sajid and Sajjad were the younger brothers of previously abducted Agha Abid Shah who was Abducted, Tortured, and found dumped in July of 2012.  December 18th in Karachi, Sindh, an unidentified mutilated body was recovered.  The next day another unidentifiable body was found in Satellite Town, Quetta.

Balochistan Point - Quetta blast kills 1, injures 24
Samaa tv - One killed, 25 injured in Quetta blast - Quetta blast leaves one dead, 22 injured

Thursday December 19th a Bomb Blast injured 24 (including 8 young children) and killed 1 at Mitha Chowk, Pashtunabad, Quetta.  8 of those injured were Young Children.  Authorities report more than 2 kilograms were used in the explosives.

BNM, and BSO-Azaad have called for a province wide strike in Balochistan on December 20th to demand an end the rampant Abductions, Extra-Judicial Killings, and outright Military offensive conducted by the Pakistani State in the province.  This call for a workers strike is supported and promoted by the Baloch Youth Wing.

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