Friday, January 3, 2014

Rampant Abductions ends the 2013 Year in Balochistan.

As 2013 came to a close, the final reports compiled by Baloch Youth Wing for the year indicate 660 Abductions, 417 Extrajudicial Killings, and 101 Military Operations in Balochistan.

The #VBMPLongMarch strengthened their resolve and continued their march beyond Hyderabad, where they held a press conference and seminar.  Mr. Qadeer and the #VBMPLongMarch protestors have since reached Naushahro Feroze from Moro city of Sindh on Thursday January 2nd.

A strike call by BNM, and BSO-Azad echoed throughout Balochistan on Friday December 20th 2013.  Workers in Turbat, Panjgur, Mand, Khuzdar, Dera Bugti, Gwader, Passani, Naseerabad, Jafferabad, and many other towns held strikes in protest of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances.

December 21st in Kalat, the Tortured Bodies of 2 Teenage Girls were found dumped in the Garap area of Iskalkoo Kalat.  According to investigators, the 16 and 19 year old girls were Strangled to death.

HRCP - HRCP slams assassination of activist in Panjgur

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has issued statements condemning the targeted killing of activist Ahmed Jan Baloch in Panjgur on December 23rd.  According to reports, unidentified gunmen on motorcycles shot & injured Ahmed who later succumbed to his injuries in a Karachi hospital.
December 23rd in Dera Bugti, 2 brothers were Abducted by unidentified Gunmen.  In Turbat, 3 people were reportedly shot dead by unidentified Gunmen.    The next day local Turbat businessman Washdil Faqeer was also Abducted but unidentified Gunmen.  On December 24th Abdul Ghani Dashti, Salhe Rahemat, Haleem Dashti, Sana Taj, and Haleem Baloch were Abducted from various regions in Balochistan.  Ali Jan was killed on Tuesday December 24th when Iranian Forces opened fire on his vehicle while travelling from Sarawan to Panjgur.

Wednesday December 25th Gunmen opened fire in Panjgur, Balochistan.  One person was killed and two others wounded during the Shooting Spree.  On Thursday Target Killers murdered Noor-Ul-Allah in Satellite Town, Quetta, Meer Gul in Bagh, Balochistan and another unidentified victim was murdered in Panjgur.

In Lyari, Karachi, 6 executed bodies were discovered on December 27th.  The Victims were identified as Gulzar, Dilawar, Shahzad, Sajid, Rizwan, and Amir, all residents of Pak Colony.  Authorities’ report the victims were found with limbs Bound and showed signs of Torture.  Friday, in Kharan Balochistan, unidentified Gunmen Abducted Barkat.

Friday December 27th Hindu businessmen were targeted in Balochistan.  In Quetta, Parkash Kumar was Abducted by unidentified Gunmen.  Ramesh lost thousands of rupees on Friday to Looters in Khuzdar.
Iranian Forces Fired on Civilians in Balochistan again on Saturday December 28th.  Sher Jan Baloch was killed in the Attack and Zareef Baloch was wounded.

December 29th 2013 Pakistani Forces invaded the Panjgur home of BNM Chairman Waja Kalil Baloch.  During the Unwarranted Attack on Mr. Kalil’s home his younger brother Saif Baloch and his cousin Shakeel Baloch were Abducted by State Agents.  BNM Sources report that during the seige Women and Children were Tortured by the Pakistani Security Forces, who also looted valuable property and cash.

Monday December 30th In Sui, Dera Bugti, Pakistani Agents abducted Ali Hussain Bugti from the Tehseel Bazaar.  In Khuzdar Pakistani Death Squads opened fire on a passenger bus.  One Woman was killed and another wounded during the attack.  The next day, December 31st, the local BNP-M leader  Rais Abdul Quddus Gazgi was Murdered by Target Killers at old Karachi road, Khuzdar.  In Mashkel, Allah Baksh was Abducted by unidentified Gunmen on Tuesday.

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