Monday, January 27, 2014

Pakistan State use Tragic Mastung Terror Attack to Justify Baloch Genocide

Baloch Youth Wing - Pakistan Army is Bombing and Killing Innocent People

Earlier this month, State Sponsored Terrorist Gang Lashkar-e-Jhangvi used a human bomb to commit mass murder of Shi Pilgrims in Mastung.  The Pakistani State used this tragic terrorist attack to justify a drastic escalation of military force in Balochistan.  Soon after PM Nawaz Sharif issued a public edict ordering “surgical strikes” against the terrorists responsible for the #MastungBlast , Pakistani Armed Forces launched a full scale military offensive against civilian Baloch targets.  Conducting attacks against moderate secular Baloch citizens implies the Mastung Terror attack was facilitated by a desperate state seeking justification for their ongoing genocide in Balochistan.

Afghan Voice - Military operations in Balochistan
BNCHR - Military Killed 3 including a women and wounded 2 in Panjgur
Baloch Sarmachar - Pakistani Army is using poison gas in Panjgur Balochistan
Sangar Publications - Two women among six killed in grand scale military operation in Panjgur
Balochistan Point - BHRO protest against military operation in Panjgour

On January 23rd 2014 Pakistani forces intensified operations in Panjgur, Mashkey and Kalat.  Full Scale Invasions were conducted against civilian targets, with Armored Vehicles and Gunship Helicopters.  At least 135 residents have been abducted, 6 killed, and countless wounded by State Forces.  Two women from Kalat were amongst the casualties.  Since the Siege began on Thursday, the entire region has been under a complete black out.  Prior to invasion, Pakistani Forces cut all power and communication to and from the Panjgur region.  Leaked reports of State Forces deploying Chemical Weapons against the panjgur residents on Friday have surfaced on social media.  According to reports a high number of fatalities are being concealed by Pakistani Forces.

As Pakistani Forces continue their siege of Panjgur, Security Forces conducted a series of home invasions in Quetta on Saturday.  Several Residents were abducted during the raids.  By Sunday, several more casualties of Pakistan’s ongoing military offensive were discovered.  Two bullet riddled bodies were found in the Washok area of Besima, Panjgur, and another bullet-riddled body was recovered in Mastung on January 25th.
Last night, Pakistani forces attacked Zafar Colony, Sui, Dera Bugti.  During the assault, Farooq Mondarani Bugti was abducted.  In Awaran Market, local bus driver Muneer was also abducted by State Agents on Monday.  In Chatar Naseerabad, Dur Mohmmad was abducted by unidentified gunmen.

As the State Army intensifies the Genocide in Balochistan, the victims of the #MastungBlast are deprived justice.  The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorist thugs responsible for the attacks remain unpunished.  As a result Pakistani Terrorist Gangs are emboldened by State facilitated impunity.  Without fear of reprisal, radical extremists can continue to commit acts of terrorism upon innocent civilians.

Human Rights Asia - More than 100 dead bodies from three mass graves were found in Balochistan
BNCHR - Three mass graves discoverd in Tootak, 92 bodies recovered so far.
Sangar Publications - More than 100 dead bodies from mass graves found in Balochistan

Futher evidence of State Sponsored Genocide in Balochistan was revealed on January 25th as local residents of Totak, Khuzdar discovered a mass grave containing 17 dead bodies near a known operating base of State Sponsored Death Squad Shafiq Mengal.  Since the initial discovery on Saturday, several other mass graves have been found in the region.  The second contained 8 more bodies and another 78 corpses were found in the 3rd grave.  Reports from the region indicate the remains of at least 100 victims have now been recovered from the #KhuzdarMassGraves .   Since the discovery of the mass graves, Pakistan’s armed forces have occupied and cordoned off the area.  An anonymous source has reported that at least 50 additional Mass Graves have been found since the area was locked down by Security Forces.

The #VBMPLongMarch reached Dera Ghazi Khan yesterday morning, drawing in thousands of supporters from the local community.  After leaving Quetta 72 days ago, the #VBMPLongMarch demonstrators gain additional support and momentum with each day in their brave protest against State Sponsored Abductions and Extra Judicial Killings.  Mr. Qadeers unwavering resolve continues to inspire us all.

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