Monday, January 6, 2014

Pakistan State Policy Emboldens Terrorists in Balochistan

New Years Day in Balochistan, the discovery of a Dead Body in Panjgur sets a Grim tone for 2014.

January 1st 2014, Terrorists attacked a busload of Shia passengers returning to Quetta from a Pilgrimage in Iran.  While driving through Akhtarabad, an Explosive laden car was rammed into the bus Killing 3 and Wounding 31 others.  According to reports 6 Police escorts were wounded while providing security for the Shia pilgrims.  After the Explosion several Gunshots were reportedly fired at the survivors.  During 2013 at least 325 Shia Muslims were Killed and another 700 Wounded by Attacks on the Hazara community. 

Although Extremist groups such as JUI & LEJ have publicly claimed responsibility for many of the Attacks on Shia minorities, nobody has been arrested, charged, or prosecuted for Terrorist Attacks on minorities.  Meanwhile thousands of Secular Baloch Activists have been extra-judicially Abducted and Persecuted by Pakistani Security Forces.  Pakistan demonstrates complete inaction towards Religious Extremists while taking drastic measures to Victimize secular activists.  Pakistan’s policy of Intolerance and Bigotry blatantly endorses Religious Extremism and encourages Terrorism.

Thursday, January 2nd, Panjgur Police Officers Baloch Khan & Man Hammal Baloch were attacked by Pakistani Frontier Corps.  Police Sub-Inspector Man Hammal Baloch was killed, and Officer Baloch Khan was wounded during the shootout.  One FC Soldier was also killed during the incident.  Panjgur workers staged a 2 day strike in protest of the Military Aggression in the region.
In the Kanak district of Mastung, Target Killers murdered Sikander Samulani.  In Satellite Town, Quetta, Ali Dad was wounded during an Attack by unidentified Gunmen.   
On January 2nd in Khuzdar, Political Activist Mr. Qudoos Baloch was Assassinated by Pakistani State Sponsored Militant group “Mussalah Diffa”
Two Hindu Businessmen were also targeted in Khuzdar on Thursday.  Both men were injured when Pakistani State Agents opened fire on them. 
Friday January 3rd Pakistani Armed Forces resumed operations in Naseerabad, Balochistan.  Fateh Khan Bugti s/o Dali Jan Bugti, and Mahmeed Bugti w/o Karman Bugti were Killed by Pakistani Forces during the attack.

The remains of Suhraab were recovered on Friday in Khuzdar.   Luqman s/o Imdad Baloch was abducted from his home in Absor, Turbat, and in Mach an unidentified civilian was Abducted by Pakistani State Agents.

On January 4th In Asreli, Sui, the Pakistani Military Forces engaged in Loot and Burn operations. Several homes in the region were destroyed during attacks including the home of Laloo Khan Bugti.
Saturday the Bodies of two Kohlu residents were found in Quetta, and three more unidentified bodies were recovered in Zhob, Balochistan.
Sunday January 5th, in Tump, Muslim Baloch s/o Shabir Baloch was extra-judicially abducted by Pakistani Security Forces.  In Faqir Colony, Gwadar, Pakistani Agents Abducted Azam resident; Dasht Kambel s/o Meeran Baksh.  Mat, Sui, shopkeeper Mr. Ali Hassn Baloch was Abducted by Pakistani Security Forces during an operation in the Dera Bugti district on Saturday.  According to witness reports, Mr. Ali Hassan Baloch was publicly Tortured by Security Forces in the Main Bazaar during the Abduction.
The Pakistan Military Forces carried out aerial bombardment of the Peer Koh region of Dera Bugti. At least 1 man and 2 women were killed during the attacks.

Balochistan Point - The Human Rights situation in Balochistan is terrible beyond the imagination

On Saturday BRP-Sweden members and activists held a demonstration at Brusan Park, Gothenburg Sweden.  For 3 hours, activists protested Pakistan’s policy of enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings.  Leaders and activists of BRP & BRSO Sweden held a conference during the demonstration to urge the Swedish government & International community to take immediate action to stop the Baloch Genocide.

The #VBMPLongMarch has now passed through Halani, Sindh, covering over 600km since beginning the 2nd phase of the VBMP Long March in Karachi.  Including the 730km from Quetta to Karachi, Mr. Mama Qadeer has now led the #VBMPLongMarch over 1330km. 
Recently due to Pressure from PPP & PML-N, the Sindh government has discontinued providing security for the #VBMPLongMarch protestors.  Although the citizens and National Political parties of Sindh have shown great support for the #VBMPLongMarch protestors, Mr. Qadeer continues to receive threatening phone calls and text messages from Pakistani Intelligence Agencies and Punjab government authorities.  Despite the withdrawl of security, Mama Qadeer & the #VBMPLongMarch protestors remain vigilant and determined. 

Mr. Qadeer has and always will have a type of security that nobody can take away and that is the security of global awareness.  Through our eyes and words the entire world is watching.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of social media activists, journalists, and international activists, the #VBMPLongMarch is protected by the very light they shine upon the darkest corner of the world.

Yesterday Tarek Fatah interviewed Baloch Activist Dr. Allah Nizar on his Talk Radio 1010 radio show & podcast.  During the interview Dr. Nizar confirmed the Chinese agenda and presence in Balochistan.  Dr. Nizar went on to state that, contrary to allegations by Pakistani media, the Baloch Independance Movement are not “terrorists” and always act in accordance with international laws.

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