Friday, January 31, 2014

Pakistani Forces Intensify Attacks In Mashkai and Dera Bugti Balochistan

For the past week, the Mashkai region of Balochistan has been under constant siege by Pakistani Soldiers.  Locals report the use of mortar shells, gunship helicopters and armored vehicles.  On January 28th the wife of BNM Leader Dr. Manan Baloch was amongst those wounded during indiscriminate bombing raids conducted by Pakistani Forces.  Eleven Mashkai residents were abducted by Pakistani Forces on Tuesday.  Among them was young teenager Farooq Baloch s/o Abdul Hakeem.  Farooq's bullet riddled body was found the next day.
On January 28th Pakistan’s Armed Forces conducted a ruthless military operation in the Guch Tiba area of Zainkoh, Dera Bugti.  Pakistani soldiers deployed mortar rounds & rocket propelled grenades in the village and abducted 5 residents during the attack.  By January 29th at least 9 bodies had been discovered in different areas of the Dera Bugti region, including Pirkoh and Zainkoh.  The recovered remains were mutilated by acts of torture and riddled with bullets.  Sahi Baksh s/o Zar Khan Bugti was abducted by Pakistani State Forces on Wednesday in Dera Bugti.  On Thursday the bodies of Mr. Datha Baloch and Mr. Shakhal Baloch were also recovered in the Pirkoh, Dera Bugti region.  On Friday January 31st Beerag Notazahi was abducted from Daalbadeen by unidentified gunmen.

Baloch Youth Wing - Lack of Human Rights Response to Mass Graves

Several of the bodies recovered from recently discovered mass graves near Khuzdar have been identified as previously abducted Baloch.  Among them was Qadir Bux, Uram s/o Bahiyaan and his brother Naseer Baloch.  Qadir Bux was abducted on August 30th 2013, while Uram and Naseer were abducted in Awaran on October 4th of 2013.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Social Media Activists, Protestors, Demonstrators, International awareness to the recent discovery of the mass graves in Tootak, Khuzdar, has been growing.  On Wednesday; Hyrbyair Marri and the Khan of Kalat met with members of the US Congress in Brussels, Belgium.  During the meeting Hyrbyair discussed the shocking complacency of the United Nations regarding the recent unearthing of mass graves in State Occupied Tootak.
Thursday, in reaction to a Toronto Sun Article written by Tarek Fatah, US Congressman Gohmert demonstrated his support for an Independant Balochistan during a speech to the US House of representatives following the US President's State of the Union.  Congressman Gohmert describes the situation in Balochistan in detail while exposing the current US administration’s shameless support for Pakistan’s genocide of the Baloch people.

The #VBMPLongMarch is now approaching the town of Khanewal, Punjab after leaving Multan yesterday.  The Heroic VBMP Vice-Chairman Mama Qadeer and the Courageous #VBMPLongMarch Demonstrators have walked over 900km along the harsh Pakistani roads for 50 days since leaving Karachi.  Including the first phase from Quetta to Karachi (700km in 27 days), the #VBMPLongMarch protest has walked a total of 1600km over 77 days in protest of the ongoing campaign of enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings in Balochistan.

Baloch Republican Party chapters in Korea and Germany have scheduled public protests to create awareness of the #MassGravesInBalochistan .  BRP Korea Chapter will be holding their demonstration on February 1st at Seomyong Subway Station, Pusan, South Korea from 3pm until 5pm.  Afterwards BRP Korea activists will organize reference and tribute to Shaheed Zamur Bugti and Shaheed Janat Bibi.  
BRP Germany Chapter will be holding their demonstration on February 8th 2014 at Frankfurt main zeil 94-96 front of Primark from 2pm until 5pm.  The Korean and German BRP parties call upon all human rights activists to join the demonstrations, to demand international intervention in Balochistan.

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