Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pakistan Forces Intensify Violent Assault on Baloch Villages

Over the past few weeks, Pakistani Forces have accelerated their ruthless campaign of Genocide in Balochistan.  On February 1st Pakistani Armed Forces conducted a week long Bombardment of Villages in the Awaran district with Gunship Helicopters damaging and destroying many homes.  On February 9th Pakistani Security Forces attacked Civilian targets in Jaffarabad.  State Forces continued their Bloody Rampage into the Dera Bugti regions attacking homes in Pir Koh & Khulo Barkhan.  At least 10 people were Abducted by Pakistani Forces during the February 11th attack in Pir Koh.  On February 13th the Pakistani Army Intensified their Operations, targeting Wogo, Lop, Doi Wadh & several other villages near Pir Koh & Dera Bugti.  At least 6 more were killed in Dera Bugti on Thursday, two Women and a Young Child were among those Executed by State Forces.  On February 13th at least 4 residents of Barkhan were abducted by Pakistani Forces during the attacks.

Salamhan s/o Sahazo Marri, Gulo Bugti, Hazaro Bugti along with his wife and two Children were Killed during the Pakistan Army’s assault in Pir Koh.  Residents report Indiscriminate Gunfire & Bombing from Gunship Helicopters, Mortars and RPG’s reducing their homes to smoldering ruins.  At least 22 civilian casualties have been reported so far, and countless families displaced.  In a recent offensive, the home of Sher Ali Kiyazai was destroyed by State Forces.  His wife and two children were injured during the attack.

By February 15th Pakistani Forces conducted attacks on neighborhoods in Mashkai.  During the Attacks, the homes of BNM Member Akther Nadeem and his neighbors were Invaded & Plundered by State Agents.  Pakistani Agents detained and Interrogated residents during the attacks, performing Acts of Torture upon the Women & Children.  The homes were then Looted of any valuables and destroyed.  Early this morning, Pakistani Military Personnel again invaded Mashkai and commenced Indiscriminate Looting Raids upon the homes of Baloch villagers.  Residents including Women & Children were Detained, Interrogated and Tortured by Pakistani Forces.  Later in the day Pakistani Forces fired at least 23 mortar shells into the Mashkai region.  Six people including Three young Children were Killed during the Bombardment.  Three of the Martyrs were identified as  Wali Dad, Behram Baloch, and Majeed Baloch.  At least 14 other residents were injured during the ruthless attacks in Mashkai, including 2 Women and an Infant.

As the Pakistani Army continues their frenzied rampage through Balochistan, bodies of their victims continue to surface throughout Balochistan.   In Karachi, Shameer Baloch s/o Sabzal was recovered on February 2nd.  Shameer Baloch was abducted several months ago in his home town of Buleda.  February 5th two bodies were recovered in Kuchlak.  The victims were identified as 45 year old Assadullah and 12 year old Khula Khan.  In Gayaa mand, Muala Baksh s/o Usman was killed by unidentified target killers.  Abdul Malik was injured on Wednesday in Quetta by unidentified gunmen firing on Samungli rd.  In Sindh, a yet unidentified body was found in the Malir River, Karachi.  On Saturday another unidentified body was found in Mand, Balochistan.   Monday, February 10th, one person was injured by gunfire in Panjgur, Balochistan.

February 11th 2014, The Occupational Iranian government hung 15 more Baloch prisoners in Chabhar prison (West Balochistan).  In October of 2013 16 Balochpolitical prisoners were executed by hanging at Zahedan prison.  Also In February of 2013 during a masshanging of 13 prisoners, 5 Baloch political prisoners were hung at Kerman prison.  Over the past year, 36 Baloch political prisoners were hanged until dead by the Iranian government.

On February 12th Target Killers in Passani, Balochistan, shot & killed Ali.  In Satellite Town, Quetta, two bodies were found from Rindh Ghar.  The next day three more bodies were found in Quetta, one at Killi Mubarik, the other two at Kharotabad.  The deceased were found with signs of significant trauma likely caused by acts of torture.  Two days later, on Saturday, another bullet riddled body was found at the Eastern bypass area of Quetta.  The same day two dead bodies were recovered in Jaaho, Awaran.  In Allah Yar, Naseerabad, a mutilated body was discovered.  Tuesday, February 18th, another tortured body was found in Satellite Town, Quetta.

As well as those Abducted during the recent Military Offensive in Dera Bugti, Enforced Abductions continue unabated throughout other regions of Balochistan.  On February 3rd in Mashkai, Pakistani Forces abducted Aqeel Baloch w/o Faqeer Mohmmad.  February 7th Nawai Bugti was abducted by State Agents from Dera Bugti.  In Turbat unidentified gunmen abducted Naseem s/o Raheem Baksh Baloch on February 9th.  Two days later two more were abducted in Turbat.  Ustad Lal Baksh and local van driver Majeed Baloch s/o Taj Mohmmad.  February 12th 4 people from Dera Bugti were abducted in Rajan Pur, Balochistan.  In Quetta, Security Forces illegally abducted several residents during door to door search operations in the Saryab rd. neighborhood.  February 13th, In the Dandhar district of Kech, 2 young Baloch students were abducted by Pakistani State Agents.  February 18th State Agents abducted Zahid Bugti from Kashmor, Sindh.

Through indescribably adversity Mama Qadeer, Banuk Farzana Majeed Baloch, and the #VBMPLongMarch protestors march directly into the face of oppression.  After marching nearly 2000km the #WalkForJustice was halted outside Gujrat city thiss morning by Punjab Police.  Although they had not violated any laws, local Police barricaded the road with a large bus and detained the protestors.  Despite attempts by the police to dissuade the marchers from completing their 2160km journey to Islamabad, the #VBMPLongMarch protestors remained vigilant, their resolve unshaken.  Standing firm against all odds, directly in the face of the oppressive state agencies, the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Long Marchers refused to walk away from the 18,000+ innocent Baloch disappeared by the Pakistani State.  The Long March demonstrators held their ground and refused to abandon the Long March.  After an hour of demonstrations, local Police removed the blockade and allowed the Long March protestors to continue through Gujrat.

With each passing day the violent threats against the protestors and their relatives escalate in severity.  Yesterday after a well received demonstration in Rahwali, Wazirabad, Mama Qadeer received a phone call promising him the Long March would never reach Pindi or Islamabad.  The caller went on to threaten the protestors and their relatives as well as their gracious hosts in Wazirabad.  10 days ago in a vehicular attack, Mohmmad Irfan and several other marchers were injured by an unidentified truck near Okara.  Despite crude threats and a cowardly attack, Mama Qadeer and Banuk Farzana Majeed Baloch continue to lead the #WalkForJustice Long March for the safe release of the 18,000+ abducted Baloch citizens.   Their brave and heroic #WalkForJustice generating international awareness of the ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing in Balochistan.

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