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Ruthless Military Assaults Reduce Awaran Villages to Smoldering Ruins

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Throughout February, Pakistani Forces have conducted numerous Violent Attacks against Civilian Targets throughout Balochistan.  Since February 1st State Forces have been conducting a ruthless assault in the Awaran region.  On February 19th a Massive Military Offensive was launched in the Awaran villages of Jaho, Goro, Mullay, Gazi and Ebrahim Metag.  Gunship Helicopters and Mortar Rounds Bombarded the rural villages indiscriminately, destroying countless homes, injuring at least 8 and killing 5 residents.  Nawaz s/o Nodal, Tajo Haji, Master Mullah Noor Mohmed s/o Mussa, Gulam Jan s/o Noora and Talib s/o Malang were killed during the assault.  Two Women and a Baby Girl were among 8 people critically injured by State Forces.  Since the earthquake in September of 2013, Pakistani Armed Forces have conducted routine attacks upon the residents of Awaran.

After the Bombardment, Pakistani Soldiers invaded the rural Awaran villages, Looting and Burning local homes & shops.  The Jawo home of BNM Leader Martyr Ali Jan was among those looted & burned by the Pakistan Army.  During the attacks residents, including Women & Children, were Interrogated and Tortured by State Agents.    The home of Martyr Shahadad Baloch was also destroyed.   Even the grave of Martyr Ali Jan was desecrated by State Forces.
At least 31 residents were abducted by State Agents during the Assault on Awaran.  Among the abductees were; Mr. Ibrahim Baloch, Mr. Hasil Hasrat Baloch, Mr. Musa Baloch, Mr. Nazeer Baloch, Mr. Shams Baloch, Mr. Siddique Baloch, Mr. Alam Baloch, Mr. Dolat Baloch, Mr. Diljan Baloch, Mr. Feeroz Baloch, Mr. Salih Muhammad Baloch, Mr. Qadir Dad Baloch, Mr. Hazoor Bakhsh Baloch, Mr. Deen Muhammad Baloch, Mr.LalBakhsh Baloch, Mr. Raza Baloch, Mr. Kareem Dad Baloch, Mr. Phulan Baloch, Mr. aqeel Baloch, Mr. Siraj Baloch, Mr. Mola Bakhsh Baloch Mr. Sanwal Baloch, Mr. Akhtar Baloch, Mr. Saleem Baloch, Mr. Wazeer Baloch , Mr. Sabir Baloch, Mr. Ataullah Baloch, Mr. Sawadi Baloch, Mr. Rafeeq Baloch, Mr Abdullah Baloch and 9 years old Master Ganj Bakhsh Baloch.

On February 22nd, seven people were abducted by State Agents during home invasions near Tehseel market in Sui, Dera Bugti.  The abductees were identified as Ghulam Rasool Bugti, Warna Bugti, Attaullah Bugti, Kafeel Bugti, Juma Bugti, Shehaq Bugti, & Ismail Bugti.  Locals report the abductees are being Detained & Tortured in the Sui Army Cantonment.

In Naseerabad, Pakistani Death Squads attacked the homes of BRP Activists Allah Bux Dherkani & Haddi Dherkani on Saturday.  Residents including Women & Children were subjected to Acts of Torture during the Assault.  Eight homes were Looted and Burned by Pakistani Forces.  Even the local livestock was confiscated by State Forces.

February 23rd Pakistani Forces continued their campaign of extrajudicial home invasions in Panjgur, Balochistan.   State Forces Looted valuables and interrogated the residents.  Women & Children were Detained and Tortured by State Agents during the Attack.

In Quetta on February 19th one person from Bypass was killed by unidentified gunmen.  In Khuzdar 2 people were injured by gunfire in Khuzdar, Balochistan.
After being detained by Police in Gujrat, endless threats and a vehicular attack, the #VBMPLongMarch protestors have bravely marched towards Rawalpindi and then to Islamabad.  After more than 100 Days of Marching the #WalkForJustice were joined by activists & leaders of the Awami Workers Party as well as Baloch students and local journalists in Lahore, Punjab.  Mr. Mama Qadeer alongside his 7 year old grandson addressed the local press at the Diyal Singh Mansion on Lahore Mall road.  They were joined in Lahore by Mir Mohammed Ali Talpur and The VBMP Chairman, Nasrullah Baloch.  


The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Long March for Justice Leads an unstoppable crusade against the State’s ongoing campaign of enforced abductions and extra-judicial executions.  Every action taken against the Long March protestors further substantiates State advocacy of the brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing in Balochistan.

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On February 22nd in France, the Baloch National Movement France Chapter held a demonstration to promote awareness of the ongoing State atrocities in Balochistan & show their support for the #VBMPLongMarch.

The International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has announced an awareness campaign to be held on March 5th 2014at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.  In a statement IVBMP Co-ordinator Aziz Baloch said “Our campaign is aimed to educate the public, students and academia about on-going Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) peaceful and historical long march for justice and human rights.”  The IVBMP invites all human rights defenders and everyone to attend & show their solidarity for the #VBMPLongMarch and call upon the United Nations, International Human Rights Organizations, and the entire democratic civilized world for help.
When: Wednesday March 5th, 2014
Time: Noon to 4pm
Where: University of British Columbia
Address: Alma Mater Society – UBC
6138 SUB Boulevard

For more information contact:
Aziz Baloch
International Vice For Baloch Missing Persons Canada
(604) 364-5502

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