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Pakistan Army Conducts Violent Military Crackdown in Balochistan

Again the Bugti refugee camp in Spin Boldek Afghanistan was attacked.  On March 6th a Car Bomb was detonated near the home of Gul Bahar Bugti.  When the Explosive Laden Corolla approached the camp, residents refused to let him enter.  The driver parked the vehicle a short distance away and remotely detonated the bomb.   The blast destroyed several homes wounding 4 Women and 3 Children. 
 This is the 5th time ISI sponsored attacks have brought carnage to the refugee camp.  In December of 2013 ISI Agents stormed the refugee camp killing Dur Khan Bugti s/o Gul Bahar Bugti, Nehal Khan s/o Dur Khan Baloch, Mr. Zar Khan s/o Gulzar Baloch and Gul Bahar Bugti’s young granddaughter.  In July of 2013 hand grenades were thrown into the windows of homes wounding the wife and young daughter of Riaz Gul Bugti.  In 2011 a suicide bomber killed Dur Khan Bugti and a young child, and in 2009 an explosive laden cart was delivered the home of Riaz Gul Bugti by a confessed ISI agent.

Pakistani Military Forces resumed their offensive through Western Balochistan this week.  After their February siege of Awaran, Pakistani Forces pressed forward into Turbat.  On March 3rd the rural towns of Shapuk and Sharak, Turbat, were invaded by legions of Pakistani Soldiers.  During the occupation of Shapuk & Sharak, Pakistani Soldiers attacked the civilians, subjecting them to interrogations and acts of torture.  Local homes were looted of valuables and set ablaze.  Their violent occupation quickly spread to encompass Balagter, Saami & Nasirabad regions, heralding the arrival of dozens of trucks carrying additional soldiers and heavy weapons.  Locals report explosions and gunfire could be heard throughout the night.  By the next day Armored Helicopters had arrived and Pakistani Forces then proceeded to indiscriminately bombard the entire region.  Dozens have been abducted, and countless homes reduced to ashes by the occupying soldiers. 

After amassing their troops in Turbat, State Forces extended their violent campaign into the nearby Panjgur district on Tuesday.  The Pakistani Army conducted a fierce assault at a rural village in the Maachi River area of Panjgur.  So far local sources have reported eight residents killed and at least a dozen wounded by Pakistani Soldiers during the seige.  A week prior to the attack, Panjgur Inhabitants had reported Iranian rocket fire in the region.

In the Dera Bugti regions of Balochistan, State Military Operations continue unabated.  February 27th in the Kohlu area, State Forces conducted loot & burn operations.  Pakistani Soldiers invaded the homes of local residents and conducted violent interrogations.  After looting the homes of any valuables, State Forces set their homes ablaze.  At least 17 Baloch Civilians were abducted by State Agents during the operations in Kohlu.

State Military Aggression in Dera Bugti continued into the Drunjain, Patfeeder & Chattar regions on March 3rd.  Regional sources report Pakistani Fighter Jets and Gunship Helicopters indiscriminately bombarded the Dera Bugti towns killing 19 civilians, including 3 women and 4 young children, and injuring another 44.  At least 48 people were abducted from the region during the assault.  Victims of the attacks have been identified as Sate s/o Karam Ali Bugti and Wadhu s/o Pirka Bugti, Gulbaig s/o Naseban Bugti, Tari s/o Humbo Bugti, Wahido s/o Mohammad Bugti, Bashirullah Bugti, Samul Bibi, Jannat Bibi and Hanifa Bugti and her children.  Six of the bodies were mutilated beyond recognition, allegedly due to chemical burns.

On March 4th State Forces raided the town of Sui, Dera Bugti where 8 people were unlawfully apprehended by State Forces and have since been detained at an unidentified location.

On February 26th the body of Mohmmad Akter s/o Ghulam Hyder from Lasbela University was recovered.  Another body was found in Quetta on Wednesday.  In Dera Bugti another victim of State Attacks was found in Sangseela.  March 2nd in Khuzdar unidentified gunmen killed one and injured another.  In Quetta Abdul Sattar was gunned down, unidentified gunmen fired upon him from Killi Kamalo region.  Also on Sunday in Turbat, Aamir Baloch, a teacher, was shot dead by unidentified target killers.  March 6th in Chitkaan, Panjgur, one person identified as Assa was shot and injured by unidentified gunmen.

On March 5th, in Chohaan Cross, kalat, the tortured remains of 8th grade student Ghulam Faroq were recovered.  Ghulam was abducted two days prior to the discovery of his remains.  According to reports the young boy was killed with a large stone. 

After Marching over 2000km from Quetta to Karachi and on to Islamabad, the #VBMPLongMarch #WalkForJustice protest for the safe recovery of the 20,000+ disappeared Baloch citizens finally reached their destination on February 19th 2014.  Led by the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Vice-Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch, alongside Banok Farzana Majeed Baloch, Banok Sammi Baloch, Banok Saba Baloch, 11 year old Ali Haider Baloch, 9 year old Bewarg Baloch, VBMP Chairman Nasrullah Baloch, Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur, all the brave Long March participants, the National Awami Party, several large student groups and the thousands of other participants across the country.  Despite ongoing threats, vehicular attacks, and police blockades in Gujrat, the Long March demonstration marched bravely through Rawalpindi surrounded by supporters and into Islamabad.

Upon their arrival in Islamabad the #VBMPLongMarch demonstrators submitted a memorandum to the United Nations detailing the 20,000 Baloch citizens abducted over the past 12 years and the over 1500 recovered bodies of political Activists.  As well as conducting numerous interviews with regional & international press, Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Vice-Chairman Abdul Qadeer Baloch also met with a European Union Delegation and the Canadian Ambassador.

IVBMP - IVBMP Canada highlights grave human rights violations in Balochistan
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At the University of British Columbia, In Vancouver, Canada, International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons activists held a very successful demonstration on March 5th.  IVBMP Coordinator Aziz Baloch educated students about the ongoing human rights abuses in Balochistan and the VBMP Long March.  Students and participants were enthusiastic to learn more and become active in creating awareness.

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