Friday, March 28, 2014

Shutter Down Strikes Demonstrations and Enforced Abductions on Balochistan Black Day

Balochwarna News - Shutter down protest and black day observed in Balochistan on 27 March
Baluch Sarmachar - Shutter-down strike observed in major parts of Balochistan

On March 27th Baloch Nationalists declared a Black Day to commemorate the forceful annexation and subsequent occupation of Balochistan.  The entire region observed a shutter-down strike and day of protest endorsed by the Baloch Salvation Front.  Chagai, Turbat, Passani, Mand, Khulo, Marri, Quetta, Kalat, Surab, Mach, Noshki, Mongchar, Zehri, Khuzdar, Wadh, Naal, Besima, Kharan, Dalbandin, Hub, Panjgur, Zamuran, Buleda, Thump, Pasi, Gwadar, Kech and many other regions of Balochistan flew black flags and held peaceful demonstrations in protest of the unlawful occupation of Balochistan & ongoing campaign of enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and violent military aggression conducted by the Pakistan Army in Balochistan.  In a statement, BSF representatives thanked regional business owners and demonstrators for their cooperation.  “The co-operation of business community shows that the Baloch nation detests occupation and they reject Pakistan’s illegal and forced invasion on Baloch land.” - BSF

Baloch activists around the world also engaged in Black Day protests.  Hyrbyair Marri and the Baloch Community in London-UK held a protest at the British Prime Minister’s house; activists in the United States held protests at the US State Dept. in Washington DC; while in Norway the BRP-Norway activists are conducting a demonstration today at Karl Johans gate 22, in Oslo at 4:00pm.

Tarek Fatah - Who stifled Free Speech at University of Toronto event on Balochistan?

In Toronto, Canada, respected journalist, intellectual and activist Tarek Fatah had arranged a Black Day presentation about Balochistan at the University of Toronto but the university administration cancelled the event at the last minute after pressure from local Pakistani Intelligence Agents.  Undeterred, Tarek Fatah has scheduled a meeting of the Toronto Baloch Community on Saturday March 29th at the North York Central Library.  The conference will be held from 6:00pm until 10:00pm in Meeting Room #1 on the first floor of the North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge st. Toronto, Ontario.

While Baloch activists held Black Day protests, the Pakistani Armed Forces continued their violent campaign of systematic persecution.  In Nokjo, Mashkai, Pakistani forces invaded the home of Sowali Baloch.  State Agents subjected the inhabitants, including the women & children, to acts of torture.  The rural home was then looted of valuables and livestock, leaving the impoverished family traumatized & destitute.  Meanwhile in Khuchlaak, Quetta, two unidentified dead bodies were discovered on Thursday.

On March 25th State Agents abducted Akram s/o Ismail from Tasap, Panjgur.  In Khuzdar Unidentified Target Killers murdered Abdul Rauf and injured his son Gaffar Baloch, while in Naag one person was killed by unknown gunmen on Tuesday.  An unidentified body was also recovered in Mastung on Monday.  On March 21st Security Forces abducted Nawaz Askani from Turbat.

In Quetta the Occupational State’s Intelligence Agents carried out mass abductions throughout the weekend.  Baloch IT University Student Fida Ahmed, a Mashkai resident, was abducted by State Intelligence Agents from the old Bolan Medical College Hostel in Quetta on Sunday March 23rd.  On Saturday March 22nd in Quetta, Pakistani Intelligence Agents abducted Nasir Baloch r/o Jahu district, Awaran.  March 21st Abdul Qudous and several of his friends were abducted by Security Forces in Quetta.  Asmat s/o Jalal Khan and his companions were also abducted by State Agents near Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan road in Quetta on March 20th.

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