Sunday, March 23, 2014

Activists and Families Executed by Pakistan's Death Squads

Five people were Killed, Five more Injured and Eight Abducted on March 21st, when Pakistan’s Armed Forces invaded the Darmacol area in the Pidrak region of Kech, Balochistan.  Occupational State Forces deployed Gunship Helicopters in the area, indiscriminately Bombarding the Helpless Civilian population of the rural Baloch town with RPGs’ and Mortars. 

Countless Homes, including the former residence of Martyr Naseer Kamalaan, were reduced to Smoldering Ruins during the siege.  Victims killed in the Attack were Samir s/o Naseer, Kamalan Islam w/o Muraad Hasil, Haji Kamaal s/o Musa, Murad Hasil s/o Darwish, Ikram s/o Murad Hasil.  Among those injured were 3 Women; Bibi Farzana Baloch, Banuk Sangeen Baloch, Bibi Bilqees Baloch and 2 Children; Salam s/o Murad Hasil & Sikander s/o Kamal.  Asim s/o Ghula Mohmmad, Muheem s/o Hasil, Faqeer s/o Umeet, Meero s/o Huassain, Pervez s/o Mazaar, Jalal s/o Mazar were among those Abducted by State Agents during the seige.

The State Forces truly Revealed their Sinister Agenda, when they proceeded to destroy the local farms, dairy, and livestock leaving the surviving inhabitants of Pidrak homeless, destitute and grieving for their fallen loved ones.
BHRO held Demonstrations today in Karachi at the Karachi Press Club to protest the Occupational State's violent Massacre in Pidrak.

BRP-UK also held protests in London on March 22nd in front of British Parliament (Palace of Westminster) to highlight the severe human rights abuses in Balochistan.

The Occupational State continues to enforce a strict policy of Depriving Indigenous Baloch of meaningful Education.  On Saturday a Mashkai student, Fida Baloch, was abducted from the IT University hostel in Quetta.  State Agents also carried out Enforced Disappearances in Sui, Dera Bugti.  Regional sources report Wadera Abdul Hakeem Bugti, Wadera Jan Mohammad Bugti, and Khuzhal Bugti s/o Hadee Bugti were apprehended by Security Forces, publicly tortured and taken to the Sui army cantonment.

Bullet riddled car of JSQM leader Maqsood Qureshi from Human Rights Violations on Vimeo.

Immolated Remains of JSQM leader Maqsood Qureshi from Shawn Forbes on Vimeo.

Several days ago in Sindh the scorched remains of Shaheed Bashir Qureshi’s brother & JSQM leader Maqsoon Qureshi & his companion Salman Wadho were recovered from a smoldering bullet riddled car on Bhiria Road, Naushero Feroz, Sindh.  Maqsood Qureshi was travelling to Karachi to participate in today’s Sindh nationalist Freedom March rally. 

Since the discovery of Maqoon Qureshi & Salman Wadho’s remains, the Sindh province of Pakistan has exploded with unrest.  Citizens across Sindh have closed shops and joined the protests against the Violent State Oppression of Nationalist activism.  Despite the assassination of Maqsoon Qureshi, the Sindh #FreedomMarch was joined by thousands of participants.  JSQM Chairperson Sanan Qureshi issued the following statement “The killers thought that we will postpone our freedom march but we won’t.  They killed my father after our successful public meeting in Karachi two years ago. Now they have done the same to my uncle, days before our upcoming rally.”

On the upcoming March 27th Black Day, Baloch Salvation Front has called for a complete province wide workers strike and day of protest.  On March 27th of 1948 the newly created Pakistani State invaded, annexed, and occupied the sovereign country of Balochistan.  Since then Pakistan has conducted 5 brutal military campaigns against the Indigenous Population of Balochistan.  The citizens of Balochistan have suffered indescribable horrors during the tyrannical military occupations of the region.  The frequency and severity of human rights violations are compounded exponentially with each passing day.

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