Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baloch Villages and Neighborhoods Relentlessy Besieged by Pakistan's Military

22 local Baloch citizens were killed and over 40 injured when State sponsored Death Squads attacked Baloch neighborhoods in the Jat Pat Market area of Lyari Karachi on March 12th.  15 school children among the victims of the violent massacre.  According to local eyewitnesses, gunmen hurled hand grenades at local shops and indiscriminately fired RPG’s into the homes and businesses.  Although the death squads targeted local Baloch women & children State news agencies have disguised the story as an alleged gang war.

On March 13th 2014 Pakistani Forces initiated a ruthless assault in the Mashkai region of Balochistan.  Gunship Helicopters are relentlessly bombarding the helpless residents.  Sources report the entire Koh-E-Ispet village was set ablaze by State Forces.  The Koh Jani, Zung, Dar Band and Alangi villages currently remain under heave siege by the Pakistan Army.

BNCHR - Military agression in Sui and Dera Bugti - 4 killed and dozens abducted

Pakistan Armed Forces continued their relentless assaults in Dera Bugti.  On March 10th Pakistani Military Forces conducted loot & burn operations in the Patfeeder, RD 238, Mohan, Khatan regions, while the adjoining Sindh regions of Doda Tiba & Rind Ali were attacked by Sindh Army Rangers.  Four residents were killed, seven wounded and at least 20 abducted during the assaults.  Countless homes in the region were looted of valuables and left in smoldering ruins by Pakistani Soldiers.
Several days earlier on March 7th the Dilbar Mat, Gandoi, Thuni, and Loti Zain regions of Dera Bugti were besieged by Pakistani Forces.  State Forces indiscriminately bombarded the rural villages with artillery and gunship helicopters.  Mr. Shahmor Bugti Baloch, Mr. Daghdar Bugti Baloch and Mr. Aaysee  Bugti Baloch, as well as several women & children were severely wounded during the assault.  After the initial bombardment, ground troops proceeded to loot and burn dozens of homes.  3 women and 2 children were reportedly burned alive during the operations.  72 year old Ms. Phazzi, and 8 year old Muzzo survived being burned alive, but over 80% of their bodies were severely burned.  State Forces even slaughtered the local’s livestock.

March 11th In Kech Turbat, Pakistani Agents abducted Basith s/o Ghulam Jan, Nawaz s/o Azeem and Tawab s/o Qadir Baksh.  March 10th Iranian Forces fired at Baloch civilians across the border injuring one person.

The International News - NSF condemns attack on Baloch students
Bolan Times - 8 Students in Preston University attacked Baloch students
Balochwarna News - Protest against racial attack on Baloch students at Preston University

On March 8th Three Baloch students were attacked by a gang of 8 BBA students at Preston University, Islamabad.  While having lunch at the university cafe, Khalid Kurd, Mehran and Fakhar were approached by a gang of BBA students who ridiculed them for speaking Balochi and participating in the #VBMPLongMarch.  The armed gang members then proceeded to beat them with brass knuckles, knives and broken bottles for nearly 20 minutes before university security intervened.  Jam Mashood Ali, Umer Satti, Ahtasham                                                         and Afridi were among the gang members involved in                                                           the attack.

The Baloch Community in London, England, Will be holding a protest in front of the British Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street on March 27th from 2pm until 4pm.  GMT.  The demonstration was scheduled to mark the day Pakistan forcibly occupied Balochistan on March 27th in 1948.  The protest will be highlighting the ongoing military operations in Balochistan as well as the severe human rights violations, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killing & dumping of Baloch activists.

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