Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pakistan more willing to accommodate Extremist Taliban Terrorists than Baloch Seperatists.

In an “All Parties Conference” on September 9th, the Pakistan government agreed to schedule peace talks with the Extremist Taliban Militants.  Representatives from the mainstream political parties in Pakistan gathered at the conference to not only unanimously agree to negotiate with the Terrorist organization, but to also release the infamous Mullah Brother, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.  In addition to the release of the former 2nd in command of the Afghan Taliban, seven other Taliban prisoners have been released during the past few days. 

It seems rather ironic the party representatives would side with extremist war criminals rather than the moderate secular movement of the Baloch Separatists.  Although the communities of ethnic minorities in Pakistan have been relentlessly victimized by the Taliban, and their affiliates, the attending party members chose to embrace the Taliban extremists with open arms.  The Taliban negations have been publicized under the pretense of establishing peace thus eliminating the need for US Drone strikes.  The APC became a forum for political leaders in Pakistan to lash out at the United States.

Pakistan’s ongoing co-operation with various terrorist organizations is what aggravated the United States in the first place resulting in the drone strikes.  Had the Pakistan Military not confronted the Pakistan Taliban with military force, the United States would have.  With the current Chinese interests in Balochistan, Pakistan’s government now feels confident enough to openly defy NATO demands and welcome the Taliban’s presence.

The reality is that Pakistan is quickly placing itself in the center of a much larger conflict.  Should a treaty be established with the Taliban, it’s likely the drone strikes and NATO aggression will intensify.  I fail to see how provoking an already aggressive foreign super power benefits the people of Pakistan.  Rather the outcome of the APC will in all probability increase the violence and suffering.   This is especially true of the Balochistan region where the Pakistan government had previously permitted and encouraged the Taliban to occupy and base their operations.

During the press conference, representatives stated another APC in Quetta would be scheduled to discuss the violence in Balochistan.  Unlike the Taliban, the Baloch Separatist forces have never committed acts of violence against civilian targets.   Yet not one single Baloch detainee has been released and no efforts have been made to negotiate with the Baloch Separatist Parties.
The Pakistani Armed Forces have again intensified their operations in the Bugti regions surrounding Gwadar Port, Balochistan.  

On September 1st the Pakistani state agents began conducting operations in the town of Panjgur.  A man was abducted in the Sarduk area of Panjgur.  Nearby in Mand, Sher Mohammad’s vehicle was stopped by Pakistani forces who then abducted him and his son Aman. 

Sunday September 1st In Malir, Karachi, PPP Death Squad; Peoples Aman Committee, killed Jalil Ahmed Baloch.  The next day 2 young Baloch school boys were abducted from Babu Mullha area of Kalat.  The Peoples Aman Committee was considered defunct after being classified as a terrorist group and subsequently banned in 2011.  Their recent activities in Balochistan indicate the notorious organization is indeed quite actively participating in the systematic genocide of the Baloch.

The assault in Panjgur intensified on Monday September 2nd, when Pakistan’s armed forces opened fire on the house of Abdul Bab in Chitkan.  A man named Jahanzaib was killed by unidentified gunmen in the nearby village of Hoshab.  In Zedi Khuzdar Pakistani agents abducted Master Abdul Hameed s/o Mohmmad.  On Tuesday September 3rd in Panjgur, Attaullah s/o Dad Mohmmad and Haneef s/o Rasheed were abducted by Pakistani forces.

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