Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baloch Activists found dead as PML-N continues plans to impose illegal occupation.

National Party mandates PML-N to form Balochistan government
As PML-N and NP continue preparations to form an illegal Pakistani provincial government in Balochistan, they promise to take drastic actions in the province to increase security.  Meanwhile in Parom it seems the Baloch Republican Army are the ones providing security as they successfully conduct a raid on drug dealers. - Sadiq Umrani resigns as PPP Balochistan Chief
The Nation - Umrani resigns as PPP Balochistan President
Former president of Balochistan PPP, Mir Sadiq Umrani tendered his resignation.  Sadiq said during the press conference on Tuesday that the May 11th elections were rigged and that because of the blatant corruption of previous Balochistan officials the region was plundered of resources and plunged into poverty.  Sadiq blames these conditions which led to the current state of militancy and oppression in the Balochistan region resulting in the boycott of the election.

CNN iReport - Occupied Balochistan: Baloch genocide continuing....
Balochwarna news - Killing of Baloch activists
Naseer Ahmed Baloch, organizer of a pro-independence Baloch party in the Khuzdar region was found dead.  His tortured and "Bullet-Riddled" body was found on Sunday after being arrested a few months ago from Hub and taken into custody by Pakistani authorities.
Balochwarna news - bodies found in Karachi have been identified...
The mutilated bodies of missing brothers Shahzaib and Shah Noor Baloch were also recovered on the 19th in the Turbat and Khuzadar regions.  Shahzaib and his brother Shah Noor were also pro-freedom activists.  On the same day  Limo Bugti and Son of GulGuhar Bugti was abducted from Peer koh Dera Bugti.  Two more dead bodies were found in the Mangho Peer district of Karachi on May 22nd.  They have been identified as Hanif and Nawaz Marri Baloch, also abducted from the Hub.

We must never forget the sacrifice made by these martyrs and will continue to fight the illegal occupation of Balochistan.  Honor the memory of these fallen Baloch by shouting their names and raising their images for the whole world to see.  May they become famous so all the world will know them to be good every day people.  These murdered Baloch are just like you and I, they are our brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles.  We know these people, and together we mourn their passing, and celebrate their ascension, as we would any of our loved ones.

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