Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pakistani military opens fire on Baloch civilians

Pakistani forces have become so brazen that today about an hour ago Baloch Republican Party activist Ali Ahmad Baloch was seriously wounded in indiscriminate firing of Pakistani para-military forces in Noshki.  Also today Pakistani gunship helicopter opened fire on Baloch civilians in Kech Balochistan.  Large numbers of ground troops also also amassing in in 'Shapuk' Balochistan to conduct further genocidal operations.

These types of massacres can no longer be tolerated.  Western nations have invaded stronger nations over less.  Not only are Western governments watching this tragedy unfold, but are financing it as well through billions of dollars in foreign aid which never actually aids anyone except the self-serving politicians of Pakistan.  Genocide can no longer be tolerated.  Help the people of Balochistan, petition and protest your regional and national governments, persuade the elected officials to intervene and end this crisis.

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