Monday, May 27, 2013

Balochistan Burns

Balochwarna - Military Operation in Tump
Salem News - Pakistan Intensifies Attack on Balochistan
On May 24th Pakistani Military Forces conducted operations in the Mand and Tump areas of Kech region in Balochistan.  Local sources and eyewitness reports indicate the Pakistan military shot and killed 2 elderly farmers.  As Baloch civilians fled and hid, the Pakistani forces continued firing indiscriminately and deployed tear gas.
Once the terrified Baloch civilians had fled the scene, the Pakistani armed forces proceeded to loot any valuables from their homes and the set fire to the houses.
After terrorizing the Koshkalat village, the Pakistani military continued their campaign of destruction at Malkabad village.  Mulla Saif's home and several others were looted and burned.
According to reports from the region, the Pakistani military operations in the area began on the previous day in nearby Gomazi village where they looted and burned homes.
During the seige the home of a local singer songwriter Menhaj Mukhtar Baloch was looted and burned.

Baluch Sarmachar - 65 years old Baloch missing person bullet-riddled body...
Balochwarna - Bodies of another two Baloch youth found in Nazirabad
The tortured and bullet-riddled bodies of missing persons Babu Baloch and 65 year old Basham Baloch were found in the Mand & Tump areas during the Pakistani military operations in the region.
In Panjgur a yet unidentified body has been found and in Nazirabad the tortured bodies of Asim Baloch and Abdul Rauf Baloch have been found.

The Express Tribune - Balochistan results: Four parties jointly protest ‘vote fraud’
Meahwhile yesterday in Quetta the leaders and members of four key Balochistan political parties staged a unified demonstration outside the Provincial Election Commission offices.  Members and leaders of the JUI-I, PTI, BNP-M and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat protested the outcome of the rigged May 11th Pakistani elections.
All party leaders involved in the protest agreed that clear evidence of electoral rigging had occurred and they had even recovered some of the real ballots (which had been replaced) from the garbage dumps.  The Pakistani administration claims that if there was such widespread electoral fraud then why are only people in Balochistan protesting, yet the daily escalation of violence in Karachi seems to suggest otherwise.

Playlist of more than 50 videos of electoral fraud and vote rigging during the May 11th Pakistani elections.
With so many videos indicating the electoral fraud committed, the Pakistani government officials must think very little of public intelligence if they expect us to believe there was no fraudulent activities.  I find their attempts at deception an insult to my intellect an insult to the intelligence of all other UN member states, and an insult to democracy.  We stand here idle while Pakistan spits in our faces and laughs.

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