Monday, June 3, 2013

Pakistan Forces continue to burn Baloch homes and villages.

Balochwarna News - At least 2 killed during Pakistan military operations..
Sangar Pub. - Military operation in Mongchar, Ispilingi, Johan
Baluchsarmacha - Two Killed by Pakistan military in Mongchar, Ispilingi, Johan.

On Saturday April 1st, the Pakistan military commenced a genocidal operation, openly slaughtering Baloch civilians.  Since Saturday, Pakistani ground forces and gunships have been openly firing on the people of Ispilingi, Johan and Mongchar.  Two are confirmed killed and at least seven others have been abducted by ISI.  The latest reports from the area indicate at least 9 more people have been abducted from kalat today, named Maqsood Ahmed, Badal, Hameed, Allah Baksh, Fazal ur Rehman, Zafarullah, Attaullah, Pathay Khan and Mohmmad Ishaaq , from Killi Kabo and Isplanji Balochistan.

Balochwarna News - Two Baloch killed in Pat feeder Balochistan
Ostomaan News - Military Operation In Balochistan

Since Monday May 28th, Pakistani military forces have killed at least 2 civilians in the Sui area of Balochistan, during a burn and loot campaign.  Over 40 homes in Sui were destroyed.  On the 29th the burn and loot policy continued in Gomazi and Koshkala.  Its also reported today that Pakistani forces have renewed attacks in Munagachar, Dash & Tump, looting and burning civilian homes.

Yesterday, June 2nd 2013 Ijaz Baloch S/o Wahid killed by unknown gunmen in Tump Balochistan.  Barkat and Aneel killed by Unknown Gunmen in Passani Balochistan.  Two bulliet riddled bodies recovered in Baloch Goth Karachi.  Umar Baloch S/o Abdul Ghani Baloch multilated dead body found in Karachi.  One unknown person dead body found from Madena Colony Hub Balochistan.

In Geneva, Switzerland, Baloch Republican Party held a peaceful demonstration to raise awareness of the ongoing genocide being conducted in Balochistan by the Pakistani forces.  The demonstrators were lead by Baloch Republican Party central spokesman Sher Mohammad Bugti.
Today Baloch Human Rights Organization is also conducting a peaceful protest in Quetta, Balochistan, against the ongoing military operations against Baloch civilians.
We must continue to  pressure our government officials to take action to stop the slaughter of the Baloch people.

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