Tuesday, June 11, 2013

As Dr. Malik Baloch is sworn in as CM, mutilated bodies continue to surface in Balochistan

Dawn.com - Five Bullet-Riddled Bodies found as Dr. Malik Baloch takes over
Balochwarna.com - Five mutilated dead bodies discovered as Dr Malik Baloch...
Dr. Malik Baloch is sworn in as CM and vows to make the missing persons problem his top priority.  Dr. Malik Baloch also vowed to work together with Pakistani military to "resolve all problems".  Dr. Baloch was hand picked for CM by Nawaz Sharif to enforce his hard-line policies in Balochistan

BYW - Human Right Violations Increase Day by Day..
Dawn.com - Mutilated bodies still being found in Balochistan
Pakistan army continues to conduct operations in Nushki, searching for Baloch political activist Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch.  Pakistan armed forces have looted homes and abducted several civilians during during door to door searches.
In the Saryab area of Quetta Pakistani armed forces are conducting door to door operations looting homes and abducting civilians, so far at least five abductions have been reported.
Today another unidentified body was recovered near Hub and one person shot and killed in Bhati Muhlla Jaffarabad.  Yesterday in Panjgor Pakistani forces shot and killed imteyaaz Baloch.  Another unidentified person has been shot near Faqir Colony.  Sunday June 9th three dead bodies were found in Tall Kalat.  On Saturday June 8th three bodies of missing Baloch found in Manguchar and two more in Kuchlak.  In Sui Bahar Khan and Hameed Bugti have been abducted by Pakistani ISI.  In Khuzdar two more bodies were recovered, one was identified as Rahim Dad.
The BRP continues to call on Baloch workers to go on strike in protest of ongoing Pakistani military operations in Balochistan.

Youtube - 27th Meeting 23rd Regular Session of Human Rights Council 7 June 2013
Balochwarna News - US & UK thwart China and Cuba’s attempt to cover up...
The International - US, UK support for Baloch leader shocks Pakistan, allies at UN
Growing international support for Baloch independence was demonstrated at the 27th Meeting 23rd Regular Session of Human Rights Council.  On June 7th Mehran Baluch made a presentation to the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the human rights violations occurring in occupied Balochistan.  His presentation was interrupted by Pakistan's representative who was supported by Cuba and China on grounds of infringement of state integrity.  This point of order was defeated by the support of the US and UK representatives.

Balochwarna News - Mother of abducted Baloch student threatens Self-immolation in front of UN
Youtube - Press Conference: The message of Zakir Baloch's mother to UN
On June 8th the family of abducted Baloch student Zakir Majeed Baloch  held a rally in Quetta.  A recent twitter campaign generated over 1300 tweets under hastag #FreeZakirMajeed so far.  Zakir's sister delivered a message from his mother during a press conference in which she vows to "set alight" or self-immolate in front of the UN office unless her son Zakir is released.  Zakir was abducted 4 years ago on June 8th from the Mastung region of Balochistan.

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