Monday, June 24, 2013

Deadly Pakistani Military Operation in Sui Leaves 8 Dead and 20 Injured

Balochwarna - Pakistan military killed eight innocent civilians and wounded twenty in Sui Balochistan: BRP
CNN iReport - Occupied Balochistan : Deadliest military operation in Sui,killed 8 civilians and many injured.
The Nation - Six militants killed in Dera Bugti: FC
Yesterday Pakistani armed forces conducted operations in Sui region of Balochistan.  Reports from Dera Bugti indicate 8 civilians were killed and at least 20 injured including women and children, some in critical condition.  Those killed in the attack are Haji Ingali s/o Kher M, Barfi s/o Kher M, Botal s/o Barfi, Murad s/o Dallo.Shahan s/o dallo Yousuf s/o shahan.  Seven of the eight killed were of the same family.  Although the focus of the attack was a family gathering, many Dera Bugti homes were invaded, the residents tortured, valuables looted, and houses burned.  Reports indicate Pakistani FC have refused medical personelle access to the scene, allowing the injured women and children to suffer.
Pakistani Frontier Corps claim the operation was an attack against "militants".  According to the FC spokesman the "militants" attacked a nearby checkpoint with "sophisticated weapons" but in the same statement the FC spokesman claims to have recovered a weapons cache of a few old rifles and "explosives.  A few hunting rifles and conveniently unnamed "explosives" (likely nothing more than garden fertalizer), are hardly what I would classify as "sophisticated weapons".  Its difficult to believe a spokesman who contradicts his own statements.
Indus Tribune - BRP announces strike in Balochistan against Sui Massacre on june 26
A Baloch Republican Party spokesman has issued statements regarding the incident refuting the claims of the FC and condemning the attack as "Part of a Baloch genocide.." BRP spokesman Sher Muhammad Bugti called upon the UN and EU to "take notice of the killing of innocent people in Balochistan".
The BRP have called for another "shutter down" "wheel jam" strike on Wed. June 26th, in protest of the Sui massacre.  BNM as well as BYW & BNF have pledged their support as Balochistan prepares to shut down again.  These strikes are an integral part of the struggle for independence, and essentially cause the state of Pakistan to lose a great deal of money for each Baloch that is abducted or murdered.

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