Friday, June 14, 2013

CM Malik Baloch continues to plead for peace and submission while Pakistani security forces continue to abduct and kill - Balochistan CM says he'll take on insurgents, establishment
Reuters - Pakistan tries anew to end insurgency in resource-rich Baluchistan - Govt to take all on board to resolve Balochistan issue
In an interview with Reuters, the newly appointed Balochistan CM Dr. Malik Baloch promised to take "certain measures" to solidify his position and force negotiations with Baloch independence factions.  Against a wealth of evidence, Pakistani security forces have publicly denied engaging in any enforced abductions or kill and dump activities.  Yet if not the atrocities reported, then what exactly are these "certain measures" the CM is referring to, and where are the courts and trials for those missing Baloch?  Dr. Malik Baloch's rhetoric is little more than a thin veil of excuses to justify vicious military operations and human rights violations in Balochistan.  Pakistani politicians like Dr. Malik Baloch are far more concerned with securing the region on behalf of their Chinese benefactors than helping the Baloch people.

Daily Times - Three doctors among five kidnapped in Balochistan
Balochwarna - Kill & Dump: Three bodies found in different areas of Balochistan
Earlier today in Noshki, Haji Mir Ahmad Mengal and his 2 sons Zahoor & Shabeer were abducted by Pakistani forces.
Wednesday in Quetta, five Baloch were abducted, three of whom doctors.  Reports from Levies Force indicate Dr. Muhammad Anwar, Dr. Ayaz, Dr. Nasrullah, their clerk Muhammad Farooq and their driver Muhammad Anwar were abducted while travelling from Civil Hospital Loralazi to a funeral in Zhob when they went disappeared.
Also on June 13th three more bullet-riddled bodies were recovered.  The first body was recovered in Khuzdar and identified as Mir Gull of Kharan.  Later in Hub an unidentified body was found shot in the head.  In Turbat the body of Hasil Khan s/o Malang was located.
On June 12th Pakistani security forces abducted 3 Baloch civilians at the Main Bazaar in Nushki.

Baluchsarmachar - Racism and Racial Discrimination exercised by Pakistan against Baloch..
At the 34th meeting 23rd regular session of United Nations human rights council, Mehran Baluch delivered a scathing report regarding the extremist racism and racial discrimination of Baloch people in occupied balochistan.

Human Rights Asia - Disappearances and extrajudicial killings continue unabated in Balochistan
BYGWAAH - The number of enforced disappeared person has increased in past four months
BYGWAAH - Monetary compensations cannot bring back the loved ones of tormented families
The Asian Human Rights Commission has also recently issued a report condemning Pakistan's flagrant violations of international Human Rights standards and laws.  The report indicates that between January & April of 2013 244 people have been confirmed as abducted, 11 recovered, 34 extrajudicially killed and another 26 killed during military operations in Balochistan.  Since the release of this report, due to Pakistan military operations conducted over the past few weeks in occupied Balochistan, the number of killings and abductions significantly increased.
The families of abduction victims in Balochistan have now been on a hunger strike for 1175 days.  A BNP delegation has recently visited their encampment and pledged their full support to the families of the victims of abductions and extrajudicial killings.  The family members find the meager offers of compensation for their losses by Pakistan to be petty and insincere, vowing to continue their hunger strike so long as the abductions and killings continue in Balochistan.

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