Friday, June 21, 2013

Balochistan Workers on Strike as Pakistani Forces Resume Loot and Burn Operations.

Balochwarna News - House of Baloch National poet attacked in Pasni, his wife injured
BYW - We Strongly Condemn the Attack on House of Baloch Poet
The Nation - Wife of Baloch poet hurt in grenade attack
Thursday In Pasni the home of well-known Baloch Nationalist poet & philosopher Mubarak Qazi Baloch was attacked.  Mubarak's escaped the attack uninjured, but his beloved wife was severely injured when Pakistani forces tossed a hand grenade through the window of his home.

The International News - Balochistan several towns on strike against missing persons
As result of this attack and the ongoing abductions & killings, BNF & BNP have issued calls for a Baloch workers strike.  So far the following towns have "shut down" in accordance with the call for strike - Hub, Panjgur, Gawadar, Wadh and Khuzdar.

The Daily Times - Anti-Baloch policies of state continue unabated: BRP
Loot and Burn operations resumed yesterday in Balochistan.  Many civilians are feared dead, and many homes looted and destroyed as result of ongoing Pakistani military operations conducted in Kabu, Ispilingi, Johan & Kalat regions of Balochistan.
Sources in Balochistan have reported today that three Baloch civilians were killed in Tasp, Panjgur.  The bodies of Syed Mahod Shah & Mohd Arshad were recovered in Khuzdar region this morning.
Also today at least four abductions have been reported.  In Quetta an unidentified Baloch civilian was abducted on Zhrgoon rd.  In Nushki, Dostak Mujahid & Kaleemulla were taken by Pakistani forces on Masjed rd.
Yesterday two Baloch were found dead in Quetta.  The first on Jinnah rd. & another a short time later on Sabzal rd.  Wednesday June 19th the mutilated body of Dasht resident Haji Allah Bakash Baloch was recovered near Tump.

On June 20th BHRO activists held demonstrations in Quetta, protesting the enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in Balochistan.

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