Saturday, May 18, 2013

PML-N PkMAP and NP form illegal government in Balochistan

PML-N secures support of PKMAP, NP in Balochistan

With fewer than 1% of votes PML-N alongside PkMAP and NP have commandeered the occupied Balochistan region in the controversial elections.  Amidst allegations of rigging, the "elected" parties are preparing to form an illegal government in Balochastan.  BNP, JUI-F, BRP, and many others have voiced their objections to the unfair and corrupt elections and have led protests demanding action in the matter. - JUI-F leader terms Balochistan polls ‘artificial and rigged’

The NAB (National Accountability Bureau) has promised to present short & long term actions plans in response.

Although the majority of Baloch people refused to vote, the PML-N federalist, Nawabzada Jangayz Marri, who is vehemently opposed to Baloch sovereignty  is none-the-less a leading candidate for the position of Chief Minister of Balochistan.

Pakistan Today - Interview with Jangayz Marri

In an interview with Pakistan Today Jangayz said, “I want all the militants to go back to their old ways and rejoin the democratic process for the betterment of Baloch people and Balochistan."  Jangayz claims to believe in democracy, telling Pakistan Today “I believe in parliamentary democracy as our political and economic issues could only be solved through a democratic process.”.  In a true democracy the people of Balochistan would be granted a referendum to decide their sovereignty, just like every other modern civilized democracy (Canada-Quebec, Britain-Ireland, Denmark-Iceland, etc..).  It seems the only thing Jangayz believes in is the corrupt agenda of an occupational government and how it serves his personal ambitions.

Beyond the influence of Pakistani government coercion  many international news agencies are beginning to take notice of the ongoing crisis in Balochistan.  The following article by the Express Tribune offers a rare beacon of light amidst the darkness of corruption and deceit surrounding occupied Balochistan.

Express Tribune - Balochistan demands fairness

In Balochistan the abductions and killing continue.  Three day old Human remains were discovered today in Turbat Balochistan.
On May 16th Two Baloch civilians were abducted in Kharan Balochistan, and Babul Jatak and his brother Noor u allah Jatak were abducted by Pakistani Forces in Mastung Balochistan.

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